False Left-Right Paradigm

What’s wrong with this country? Well, loads, but here’s a big one.

So many people line up with their political party and then reinforce their particular delusions with partisan media that caters to them.

i.e. Republican? Watch Fox News! Listen to Rush and Hannity!

The phony partisan crap that guys like these (and Democrat guys too) spew is nothing short of hate speech that seeks to divide the country further.  Rush Limbaugh always make sure to use the term Liberal Democrats a term of derison. Democrats use the word Neo-con as a slur against GOP’ers.

People really need to wake up and realize that it is a totally false paradigm anyway. Dems and Gop all still work for the same interests, the same money handlers, the same globalists. All of the front runners in both parties in the primaries now are saying ‘we won’t pull out of Iraq.’ This is after 70% (to use the average poll number) of Americans want the Iraq war to end.  Not exactly ‘by the people’ is it?

Stop the infighting, especially about ‘issues’ that really don’t affect people at large (gay marriage for example) and find out what is really going on. Read something other than your tailored big media partisan propaganda. Read independant media. Go look at voting records, read financial reports. The government still publishes enough information about what they are doing to make one sick, problem is most Americans are just too lazy to look at it themselves. The government is counting on that to do whatever they want to with you. Wonder why the education system is horrible? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that a well-educated populace with good critical thinking skills is the exact opposite what a government wants.

Don’t just take my word for it, heres some proof to back me up.


The Bush team is already preparing Hillary to take over the reigns and make sure that the plan goes ahead with no hiccups.


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