Attack of the Cloners!

There, now I am as great a writer as George Lucas. Guess that’s not saying much.

There is a great new film out there now called Endgame. It is from Alex Jones and the rest of the crew over at It details the over arching plan of the world elites to use the human population as slave labor, organ farms and genetic testing grounds. They spend a lot of time (too much IMHO) observing these elites at Bilderberger meetings and then explain the ins and outs of what they have said and what kind of science they back. Here are some bullet points that you can research yourself to see what it is all about.

  • Prescott Bush (W’s grandpappy) was a Nazi sympathizer and was actually proven guilty of trading with the enemy during WWII. Of course nothing happened to him and the Bushes enjoy a comfortable position among the upper echelons of the NWO.
  • David Rockefeller has written in his auto-biography that he openly suports the dissolution of the US and the formation of a New World Order.
  • Even while journalists ‘poo poo’ the idea that a North American Union is being discussed, the Trans Texas Corridor, the beginning of the the NAFTA superhighway and a necessary ingredient in a North American Union, is under construction and in plain sight.  The leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada have meetings published in the press and they even admit to speaking about a merger, but the media downplays the importance of these dealings.
  • A forced sterilization program exists in the United States that sterilized THOUSANDS of people deemed ‘undesireable’ to the government that implememted it: people with low test scores, people with mental handicaps, people of certain races, people with a criminal record. This is utterly shocking and yes it is 100% true and admitted to by the government. Just no one pays attention and the media does it’s job by printing it all in tiny print on the back of page 14.
  • Scientists, under the guise of environmentalism, propose that a reduction of 95% of all over Earth’s people would be a great thing and the only way to stop global warming.  Not ‘mad’ scientists, folks with pull and funding. Folks that are at the tops of their fields. Other scientists and politicos stand and applaud these ideas.

Check out these items, see Endgame, and pay attention. Your leaders not only don’t care about you, they want you dead!

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