Time Wasters and Illusion of Choice

When you look at the issues being bandied around in the Presidential campaigns, there are always a few ‘time wasters’ discussed. Abortion, gay marriage, flag burning…the list goes on. The only common thread is that these are issues that do not matter. The majority of Americans never have these things impact their day to day lives at all, yet many have violently held opinions about them.

Have you, or someone you know even, ever been walking down the street when a gang of abortionists sneak up on you and give you an abortion? Perhaps you have been trying to do your grocery shopping when ‘a gay’ pops up and wants to sex you in an uncomfortable place? I know I have tried to fly a flag at my house and wouldn’t you know it, some radical protester comes up and sets my flag on fire, which means I have to go back to Wal Mart to buy another flag to fly, and hope no gays are there to propose to me. Of course, if I am terrified of all these things, then I don’t pay attention that it is pretty much only Wal Mart to shop at, the flag I just bought to fly is made in China by people making 13 cents an hour, young Americans were sacrificed and innocent Iraqis were slaughtered to provide me with the ‘affordable’ gasoline I used to drive there. You know, things that matter.

These are false arguments, time wasters and generally meaningless items to spend your time on. Of course you should have an opinion on it (besides the one the media gives you) but you need not decide who is able to lead our country best based on if he or she is as passionate about your hatred of people different than you. Everyone would be much better off in this country if we spent less time in each others business and paying attention to what is happening to us as a whole, that really affects our lives.

These arguements are talked about to further give the illusion of choice to voters and to obscure the facts that the left and right agendas are the same. They may differ slightly in how they wish to achieve the end, but they all want the same end.

Here is a news flash: YOUR LEADERS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! You are grist for the mill, oil in the cogs of the New World Order.  ‘They’ only want you to be a sheep to herd, a walking organ warehouse, a meat shield to further the big business of war. 

Am I blowing out my ass here or am I onto something? Take this into account: During the past 7 years that the GOP has had control over the Presidential, Congressional and Judicial branches of government, especially the ever expanding Presidential Dictator’s powers. In that time, wouldn’t it have been prudent to overturn Roe v. Wade since they had the power to do so? They don’t want to abolish abortion because it is too much of a driving issue at the polls and more importantly, a GREAT tool to keep people divided and fighting amoung themselves. Even the pro-life and pro-choice sides seem to be miscast anyway. Isn’t it funny that the same group that fights abortion is the same group that says ‘I don’t want to pay to raise someone else’s child or pay for their healthcare!’ Since the Democrats are cast as the let’s hand out to everyone and socialist blah blah blah….you’d think they would be the ones against abortion. Pro-lifers want you to have that baby at all costs, as long as it’s not THEIR costs.


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