Duck? Duck? Chicken!

I thought that the days of people actually defending or apologizing for the Bush Administration was over. I was wrong. On my local newspaper editorial talkback board, there is a user that posted this in all seriousness: “I don’t put too much stock into the delussional[sic] beliefs of some connecting Bush with oil or profit. That is so insane. Again, I’m not happy with alot of his decisions.”

Nothing connecting Bush with oil or profits. Really? The man that started his career in business by OWNING AN OIL COMPANY has nothing to do with oil profits? It is documented 100% that much of his startup money came from Saudi Arabian friends including binLaden family members. It’s not made up, it’s all public record, no one is denying it. Except Bush apologists.  The truth of the matter is that we (American businesspersons and diplomats) were in talks and still backing the Taliban all the way up to at least July 2001 in order to stabilize Afghanistan so we could get a pipeline built there. The Taliban even visited Texas and while in country mentioned that it must drive us crazy to have our women as free as they are. It was played off as a bad joke, but I doubt that it was in jest.

This is indeed a sad state of affairs when at least 20% (what are the latest poll numbers?) of Americans can believe that Bush is right. Iraq attacked us on 9/11. Bush wants to wiretap every phone in America to protect us from terrorists.

Here is the line of thinking that gets you here:
I see a duck in the park.
Everyone tells me it’s a duck. Books are written about ducks they have pictures and everything.
The duck waddles up to me and quacks. Then it proceeds to poop on my shoe. Television news crews are present and broadcast the event live. Millions see it.
The camera focuses on me and I say ‘Did you see what that chicken did to me?’
At least 20% of the people watching at home all go ‘Yeah, look at that crazy chicken!’

Same line of thinking. There was a great quote just a while back (either Rove or Cheney…not bothering to look it up) that said ‘Reality is what we decide it is. Words only mean what we say they mean.’

And now there are millions that think chickens quack.


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