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Libertarian Conservatives?

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I wonder why it is generally accepted that Libertarians are conservative. I know that our most famous ‘Libertarian’ is Republican Ron Paul, but when you get right down to it, the idea of Libertarians not being liberal is actually wrong. When you boil it down to a base line philosophy, the main idea of Libertarians is to each his own and as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, leave them be, right? How much more liberal can you get? Financially conservative, oh I see. And liberals are financially liberal, as in very liberal with OUR money right?
Social conservatives, financial liberals, socialist Congressmen, fascist Presidents: all lables. The need of our media and ‘pundits’ to be able to label something with one or two terms, to let you know (if you agree with the producers) if you should like them or dislike them.

We need to get rid of the labels and, futhermore, the political parties. Rush and his brigade use the term ‘liberal’ and say it in such a way as to make it more hate filled than anything you can’t say on the radio without getting the FCC all over you. Democrats use the same kind of language towards corporations.

How about picking people for office based on the actual set of ideals they promote? Some Dems are now crying because Obama is taking a more centrist approach, making his ideals seem out of line with the rest of the party. All the conservative talk hosts are crying about how liberal McCain is on some issues. Ron Paul obviously was in step with NEITHER party, but somehow lined up idealistically with a great many Americans disenchanted with the current system of things.

Both parties need to go and we need to start hearing the way the language is being shaped on purpose to emotionally lead us down whatever path the speaker wants us to go. Of course this requires critical thinking skills and a good grasp on English. Too bad all the players agree on making sure the populace is too dumb to figure any of it out…


Bill of Rights NOT managed by government!

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The idea that our Bill of Rights is something that the government can restrict is NOT CORRECT! Take the easiest one, the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech, religion and assembly (protest) to boil it down. All the recent rulings of issuing permits to protest and denying access to areas of effect to protest in…ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL and furthermore, non-negotiable. You do not need to apply for a permit to protest something. You do not have to follow a law if it is against what rights we have automatically, just be being human. Even though I am not a theist, the line of reasoning the same. We have these ‘God-given’ rights regardless of what the government tries to restrict. It’s the Bug’s Life philosophy. We are the ants and they are the grasshoppers. They seem more powerful, but there are a hell of a lot more of us than them, and we only allow them to get away with what they do because we don’t stop them. Maybe it’s time for them to be reminded of this fact.

Something’s wrong here

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If you have spent even a little time trying to research items that are of interest to the so called Patriot movement, which includes the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Ron Paul Revolution, and similar items, you have come across a few superstars of the movement. Perhaps the largest (and credited with the most ‘awakenings’) is radio show host Alex Jones. He is often cited as the leader and spokesperson of the Patriot Movement.  I consider myself a member of this movement and have listened to Alex for years. Only recently have I learned of some information that I had not learned before and it leaves me questioning not the truths I have so far learned, but the intention of that truth and the people really behind it. What I am about to do will be construed by some as treasonous to the movement.

Alex Jones leads the way and has a regular stable of ‘insiders’ and experts that he interviews. He also spends a lot of time, especially recently, alternately bragging about his leadership  of the Patriot Movement and telling others that might question him to not descend to infighting as that helps the Globalists win. His rather large ego shines through day after day on his show.  He is basically Rush Limbaugh of the ‘alternative media.’  Whenever using his materials to help wake someone else up I always have to qualify it with ‘this guy is loud and obnoxious, but his information is true.’

Now I know that there will be those that now say I am contributing to the unproductive infighting by saying things like that about ‘the leader.’ If you have a little more information, you will see maybe I am not barking up a dead tree though.

Ever heard of the Council on National Policy? Maybe not, as it is even more secretive than the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bildebergers. It was started in 1981 , partially by Tim LaHaye (the Left Behind guy.) Public statements are few and far between but listen to this one that was reported by ABC news. “When Steve Baldwin, the executive director of an organization with the stale-as-old-bread name of the Council for National Policy, boasts that “we control everything in the world,” he is only half-kidding. “ ABC News, May 4 2008

Even though this group is very secretive, we have been able to find some of it’s past members as well as people that have addressed this group up through this year. Here is a partial list of some of the ‘bad guys’ as recognized by Patriot movement.

Tom DeLay
Trent Lott
Pat Robertson
Ed Meese
Oliver North
Jerry Falwell
John Ashcroft
Rev Sun Myung Moon (yes the leader of the Moonies!)
Several members of the Coors beer family
Jesse Helms
Alan Keyes
Pierre DuPont
Kathleen Teague Rothschild

They have been addressed by speeches from the following as well:
George W Bush (prior to Presidential election)
John McCain
Bobby Jindal (frontrunner for McCain’s VP)
Mike Huckabee
John Stossel
Duncan Hunter
Fred Thompson
Rick Santorum
Sandra Froman (President of NRA)
David Horowitz
Robert Casey

Sounds like a Bilderberg list or a Fox News guest list doesn’t it? Now you are probably (rightly so) suspicious of this group right? Well, look a little further at some of the other members and former members that are regularly seen and heard of from alternative media as viewed as ‘good guys’ to the Patriot Movement.

Dr. Stanley Montieth (and his wife)
Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America)
Paul Craig Roberts (UNCONFIRMED)

Playing the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon theory, there is not a lot of jumps between known evil Globalists and people respected in the Patriot movement. Is it definitive? No. But the total lack of discussion from the ‘accused’ and the sometimes virulent objections to discussions of this group and especially from former members points to a very touchy subject.

If one takes a look at it from afar, it seems that this could be a leg of the spider, the religious fundamentalists that want globalization to ensure the prophecies of Revelation to come to pass. In my opinion there is nothing scarier than a group of very powerful people with the power to unleash madness that have no fear of death. At the very least, the idea of a powerful secret group that wishes to establish more restrictions on people and to make America, as a whole, less tolerant is a bad idea. No I am not espousing a ‘liberal’ gay rights and socialist evening of everyone, but a ‘live and let live’ and a ‘stay the hell outta people’s private lives’ libertarian perspective.  

It is very possible that this is all old information and the ‘suspect’ persons and their motives are not opposed to the larger ideals that the Patriot movement seems to share. I could be wrong. The real problem is the reluctance and opposition to even discuss this freely without becoming persona-non-grata. It is suspicious. The bottom line is that to not ask questions, to not question motives is to buy into just what the main stream media and the government wants you to do. It doesn’t matter who is leading it, total blind following has never been a good idea  for anyone.

Dollar Woes

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Everyday, someone complains about gas prices, the greedy food sellers jacking up their prices, housing problems…

Everyone seems to know the answer. Ask a Democrat and they will tell you it’s the greedy corporations and Republican corporate welfare. Ask a Republican and it’s the Democrats fault for not letting us drill in our own country or people wanting the government to take care of their every need.

Well, let’s examine this shall we? Democrats never engage in corporate welfare right? HA! They want to unite people against the big companies and make them pay! Of course they don’t mean pay you, they mean pay them. Oh, and also you need to pay them as well for using carbon. In fact, let them take control of your thermostat and tell you how much you can travel in a month, without having huge penalties due. Thanks Democrats, but I don’t think you are right at all.

Republicans say the Democrats want us to remain on the foreign oil tit and not damage our environment. The Democrats are stopping oil drilling! Just yesterday, Bush Jr. just rescinded an executive order that banned oil drilling. Who signed that order? Oh thats right, Daddy! Wouldn’t have anything to do with making sure your investors (Saudis, including binLadens) lose stock value or the price of oil falls. Nope, course not!

Almost no one talks about or can grasp that the current economic situation has been manufactured by our own basic financial system in this country. In 1913, our Congress voted to give up it’s power to print our currency to a private bank. Well, sorta voted, they came in on a holiday and voted without most of the Congress even present. After that, every dollar printed was immediatley a debt to the Federal Reserve in interest. Now that we are off the Gold Standard, i.e. nothing of value backing our currency except the delusion that it is worth anything more than paper, our dollar is now worth less than 10% of what it was in 1913. Just today, our dollar is down to a record low against the Euro, a currency that is LESS THAN A DECADE OLD!

It amazes me that people to this day still think that the Federal Reserve is some government agency, that has to answer to the government, much less the people. It is as Federal as Federal Express. The way to fix this? Give the Fed more power they say! Wow! That’s great! To save the housing market, we are going to take over Freddie and Fannie, that can only help. That amounts to about half of ALL mortages in the US. We just handed it over to the idiots that got us into this mess. We are being looted and pillaged like it’s the end. Pay attention people.

Republicans Are Whining, They got what they deserved…

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During the presidential primaries, which started about 10 years ago now it seems, the media ignored and the GOP pundits ignored or slandered Congressman Ron Paul. Flash forward to now and go listen to Hannity for a bit. Whenever he is trying so hard to not sound racist while badmouthing Obama he is busy crying about how liberal John McCain is.  He pines about having someone that is actually a conservative, especially a fiscal conservative, oh if there just was one to be able to vote for. 

Many of the things he (and the others) wants to have represented were cornerstones of Dr. Paul’s platform. Now I know that to accept this you have to suspend disbelief and think that Hannity has a thought of his own and doesn’t just take his talking points from his handlers. Even if you are drinking the Kool Aid and think this guy really believes what he says and is concerned for Americans etc… this is so inconsistent as to be laughable!

Take the time, get by the screeners and ask Hannity why does he now want Ron Paul’s ideas after he was complicit in media shutout and smear against him when it mattered?