Dollar Woes

Everyday, someone complains about gas prices, the greedy food sellers jacking up their prices, housing problems…

Everyone seems to know the answer. Ask a Democrat and they will tell you it’s the greedy corporations and Republican corporate welfare. Ask a Republican and it’s the Democrats fault for not letting us drill in our own country or people wanting the government to take care of their every need.

Well, let’s examine this shall we? Democrats never engage in corporate welfare right? HA! They want to unite people against the big companies and make them pay! Of course they don’t mean pay you, they mean pay them. Oh, and also you need to pay them as well for using carbon. In fact, let them take control of your thermostat and tell you how much you can travel in a month, without having huge penalties due. Thanks Democrats, but I don’t think you are right at all.

Republicans say the Democrats want us to remain on the foreign oil tit and not damage our environment. The Democrats are stopping oil drilling! Just yesterday, Bush Jr. just rescinded an executive order that banned oil drilling. Who signed that order? Oh thats right, Daddy! Wouldn’t have anything to do with making sure your investors (Saudis, including binLadens) lose stock value or the price of oil falls. Nope, course not!

Almost no one talks about or can grasp that the current economic situation has been manufactured by our own basic financial system in this country. In 1913, our Congress voted to give up it’s power to print our currency to a private bank. Well, sorta voted, they came in on a holiday and voted without most of the Congress even present. After that, every dollar printed was immediatley a debt to the Federal Reserve in interest. Now that we are off the Gold Standard, i.e. nothing of value backing our currency except the delusion that it is worth anything more than paper, our dollar is now worth less than 10% of what it was in 1913. Just today, our dollar is down to a record low against the Euro, a currency that is LESS THAN A DECADE OLD!

It amazes me that people to this day still think that the Federal Reserve is some government agency, that has to answer to the government, much less the people. It is as Federal as Federal Express. The way to fix this? Give the Fed more power they say! Wow! That’s great! To save the housing market, we are going to take over Freddie and Fannie, that can only help. That amounts to about half of ALL mortages in the US. We just handed it over to the idiots that got us into this mess. We are being looted and pillaged like it’s the end. Pay attention people.

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