Republicans Are Whining, They got what they deserved…

During the presidential primaries, which started about 10 years ago now it seems, the media ignored and the GOP pundits ignored or slandered Congressman Ron Paul. Flash forward to now and go listen to Hannity for a bit. Whenever he is trying so hard to not sound racist while badmouthing Obama he is busy crying about how liberal John McCain is.  He pines about having someone that is actually a conservative, especially a fiscal conservative, oh if there just was one to be able to vote for. 

Many of the things he (and the others) wants to have represented were cornerstones of Dr. Paul’s platform. Now I know that to accept this you have to suspend disbelief and think that Hannity has a thought of his own and doesn’t just take his talking points from his handlers. Even if you are drinking the Kool Aid and think this guy really believes what he says and is concerned for Americans etc… this is so inconsistent as to be laughable!

Take the time, get by the screeners and ask Hannity why does he now want Ron Paul’s ideas after he was complicit in media shutout and smear against him when it mattered?

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