Bill of Rights NOT managed by government!

The idea that our Bill of Rights is something that the government can restrict is NOT CORRECT! Take the easiest one, the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech, religion and assembly (protest) to boil it down. All the recent rulings of issuing permits to protest and denying access to areas of effect to protest in…ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL and furthermore, non-negotiable. You do not need to apply for a permit to protest something. You do not have to follow a law if it is against what rights we have automatically, just be being human. Even though I am not a theist, the line of reasoning the same. We have these ‘God-given’ rights regardless of what the government tries to restrict. It’s the Bug’s Life philosophy. We are the ants and they are the grasshoppers. They seem more powerful, but there are a hell of a lot more of us than them, and we only allow them to get away with what they do because we don’t stop them. Maybe it’s time for them to be reminded of this fact.


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