Libertarian Conservatives?

I wonder why it is generally accepted that Libertarians are conservative. I know that our most famous ‘Libertarian’ is Republican Ron Paul, but when you get right down to it, the idea of Libertarians not being liberal is actually wrong. When you boil it down to a base line philosophy, the main idea of Libertarians is to each his own and as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, leave them be, right? How much more liberal can you get? Financially conservative, oh I see. And liberals are financially liberal, as in very liberal with OUR money right?
Social conservatives, financial liberals, socialist Congressmen, fascist Presidents: all lables. The need of our media and ‘pundits’ to be able to label something with one or two terms, to let you know (if you agree with the producers) if you should like them or dislike them.

We need to get rid of the labels and, futhermore, the political parties. Rush and his brigade use the term ‘liberal’ and say it in such a way as to make it more hate filled than anything you can’t say on the radio without getting the FCC all over you. Democrats use the same kind of language towards corporations.

How about picking people for office based on the actual set of ideals they promote? Some Dems are now crying because Obama is taking a more centrist approach, making his ideals seem out of line with the rest of the party. All the conservative talk hosts are crying about how liberal McCain is on some issues. Ron Paul obviously was in step with NEITHER party, but somehow lined up idealistically with a great many Americans disenchanted with the current system of things.

Both parties need to go and we need to start hearing the way the language is being shaped on purpose to emotionally lead us down whatever path the speaker wants us to go. Of course this requires critical thinking skills and a good grasp on English. Too bad all the players agree on making sure the populace is too dumb to figure any of it out…

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