Pattern of Exercises

Despite efforts to downplay it in the US media, there is a very dramatic war that has broken out between Georgia and Russia. Reports are coming out now (via the Russian news media) that perhaps American soldiers and/or Mercs (Blackwater) are on the ground ‘advising’, some ‘advising’ to their deaths. Well that sounds like it might be true or just as easily Russian propaganda, on the face of it anyway.

If you go back just a little bit you will see that last month American forces participated in an exercise with Georgia practicing the scenario that is currently unfolding. It was important enough to warrant a visit from Condi Rice to Georgia even (wonder if she got on the plane thinking she was going to the southern state…)

What of it, you might ask. If you look at recent history, there have been two other times widely known that an event of import was practiced just before or DURING the actual event. The two events I am speaking of are Sep 11, 2001 and the 7/7 bombings in London. Both of these events were being practiced (planned months ahead of time) when they actually started. In the case of the 7/7 bombings, an interview was shown with one of the coordinators of the exercise saying ‘We were practicing this at the exact locations so when it happened for real, we had to shift into real world mode right away.’

Of course I am sure this is ALL coincidence, right?

It is also worth noting that while the Western media is spinning coverage to make it sound like Russia is attacking Georgia, what really happened to kick this all off was Georgia attacking South Ossetia and the Russian troops stationed there. Georgia is backed and armed by NATO and the US , as well as Israel. Condi’s visit was probably a green light and a last minute pep talk last month.

What is happening here is a good old fashioned Cold War Proxy battle, like Afghanistan, but in today’s wired world, it is too easy to get the word out on what is really going on.  We thought this was all over with, but seems like we still want to play.

CONJECTURE: Maybe they are tired of the Middle Eastern war taking too long and want to use Russia to kick off the ‘final war?’ Citizens are more likely to back a war with a ‘real’ enemy rather than one with scattered guys in the desert, especially now that the War on Terror is outed as a fraud to the majority of Americans, much less the world.

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