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Politicians doing their jobs?!?!?!

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A new article out today ( paintsthe Representatives that voted NO on the bailout plan were doing so to ‘protect their vulnerable seats’ in the House. The tone of the article is one that these guys should ashamed to be bowing to pressure brought to them from their constituents.

Uhm, that’s what they are SUPPOSED to do!

Our Representatives should being doing just that, representing the people! I have seen plenty of reports of the against/for ratio that Congress persons have been receiving on the order of 100-1. If it’s 100-1 it’s pretty damn scary to see that it came as close as it did to passing. The people that voted yes should be a tiny tiny list if they were truly representing the peoples wishes rather than bow to the political pressure of their parties leaders or the President.

We all know that in one form or another that this will pass, but just remember that it will be a huge failure of our representative form of government. The anointed ones know what is best for us, even if we hate and it and don’t want it. You know, giving all your freedom and money to the state for the betterment and security of all is the appropriate thing to do right?

This is getting so transparent that even the most deluded Kool Aid drinkers are starting to see how the system , including the media, sells us rose-scented bullshit. Will enough stand up? Will enough stand firm and fight to get this country back? I think more would have voted no if it were more like the first years of this country, when lawmakers needed to worry about more than losing their jobs. Citizens had guns and wouldn’t be shy about showing up and forcing them to leave. Of course, if it were like that still, we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we?


I am multi-illiterate. I can’t read in many languages

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In my last post about Obsession (good name for it I guess. That was last week and I am still pissed about it) I brought up a point that I think needs to stand out better. The movie features a bunch of footage from middle eastern television and of course it’s in Arabic. We are trusting the producers of the movie to provide us with accurate translations. I am NOT saying that they have not, but if you take a look at the truthiness(tm) of the rest of the movie, it’s not hard to imagine them turning a furniture ad into a death threat.

This is a larger problem that is overlooked too often in my opinion. Not just this movie, but everything. Most Americans have enough problems conveying coherent thoughts in our native tongues, much less knowing what anyone is saying in another language. We trust the media to provide the translations for us. It has been said that if you can speak fluent Spanish and listen to many (American based) Latino radio stations that there is rampant and unrestrained racism preaching the Reconquista movement and La Raza etc… Now, I do not know that is true, but it sounds like it could be. I can’t be sure though because I don’t speak Spanish. Most languages (excepting perhaps Asian ones) one can sorta figure out if you are reading something. Many words look or sound like English, but when a native speaker is speaking that language, you have to be able to keep up, and people in that situation are a tiny minority in this country.

We already know that our media plays tricks with words and outright lies to keep the ‘national dialogue’ on topic (i.e. whatever their talking points for the day are) and this is all in our own language. Many people are just too dim witted to pick up on it. Now imagine what we are being fed when it’s not in our language. They could put anything at the bottom of the screen and get most people to believe it. The few that would see right through it would either laugh at how they can get away with such a thing, some might even complain or ‘out’ the lie, but the retraction would end up buried in tiny print after the legal ads 4 months later.

I would suggest folks try to learn a second language, but there are so many that have such a tenuous grasp on their first maybe they should focus on that instead.

More on Obsession

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I posted a “Colbert-style” entry to my local paper’s Speak Out forum yesterday telling everyone to watch for their free DVDs in the mail. In my Bible Belt town, this DVD is practically spank material. Hardly surprising then when no one replied in any way to the post. They were all probably too busy making copies for their friends or indeed masterbating to the outright hatred contained in this movie.
The DVD has been already easily discredited, by showing who funded it, who it’s ‘consultants’ are , including proven fake ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Squarepants!)

I will admit, it’s a good bit of propaganda with plenty of emotional footage of little boys and girls saying ‘I want to die for Allah, kill the USA!’ Of course, since it’s in Arabic, we will have to rely on the translation to verify this. Of course, someone that speaks Arabic could confirm or deny this , the intended audience does not know Arabic or anyone that speaks Arabic. The intended audience is the beer swilling redneck that makes jokes about convience stores and drives by the local mosque and says something to the effect of ‘theres the terrorist headquarters.’
Same kind of people that enjoy hunting, four wheel drives and lynchings (man, those were the good ole days.)

Please, if you know someone that has watched this film, please explain to them the truth of all this. Yes indeed there are Muslim folks that truly would like to kill non-Muslims. Just as there are Jews who like the line in their scriptures about killing all the gentiles (non-jews) and Christians that think that today is a good time to start another Crusade and that our military is ‘God’s Army.’  I am pretty sure that the main message in all these religions is basically peace and treat everyone with honor, but they are all based on the same untrue fable and are easily bent by the demands of their appointed human leaders to blindly follow whatever is put before them.

Obsession (with the politics of fear)

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You may have heard of this, or even received one yourself by now. A 501c called the Clarion Fund has begun distributing 28 million free DVDs called Obession: Radical Islams War Against the West. It features a great emotional image of the pile at Ground Zero with an American flag on the cover. I received this yesterday (actually sent to my wife, whose name is not been used in any political contributions or anything and interestingly enough my friend was sent one in his wife’s name who is in the same boat…odd) and fully expected this to be propaganda.

I was right. It, at best, is a partisan swift boat attack against the Democrats but in all reality a ‘call to arms’ to alert non-Muslims that pretty much all Muslims want to kill us. Not exactly, but that is the picture they want you to get from it. They say that aprox. 10% to 15% of the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide are Jihadists. That means that there is nearly a 1:1 Jihadist vs American Citizen ratio. If that were the case, then why haven’t they just marched on us? Why all this sneaking around and using bombs here and there? Not to mention that in virtually every instance of ‘Islamic terrorism’ there has been fingerprints of the attacked government’s involvement…

This movie will play well to the NASCAR, beer drinking, ‘lets kill brown people’ crowd, you know, Republicans, but it is my fear that otherwise normal people will let this incessant beating of anti-Muslim drums leads to outright violence towards normal Muslim people.

Am I saying that there are not Muslims that want to kill Americans and think we are evil? Of course not. They are drinking the Koolaid that’s given to them, and some really believe that and the bad thing is is that they aren’t totally mistaken in thinking that the American government isn’t out to get them. For about the past 70 years, America has had an active role in shaping policies in the Middle East and setting up tyrants that abuse their people. Britain’s meddling goes back even further. It was just business though. Sorry some civilians got gassed and all. Sorry that we sided with you and the people you were at war with at the same time. Have to make a living!

Ironic that the film draws parallels between Nazism and Islam. All the while they are making this case, they don’t get that they are doing the same thing to themselves. Yeah, it is totally wrong to make a case against somebody just because of their religion, no matter how different it is from yours…JUST LIKE YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW! It assumes that the Judaeo-Christian religion is ‘right’ and that Islam is ‘wrong.’ The exact same thing they are accusing the ‘other side’ is doing.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

Congress Walking out on the Job?

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With all the financial problems our country is facing, Nancy Pelosi, Reid and others are now saying that they intend to go ahead and close session at the end of the month and let the Fed and Treasury Dept figure out the implosion of our economy. They ‘don’t know what to do.’

News flash to Congress: YOU DON’T GET OFF THE HOOK! Our printing of money and the oversight of our financial framework is Congress’ responsibility as spelled out in the Constitution, you know that ‘goddam piece of paper’ you always seem to forget. Just because you have delegated (i.e. sold out to) the Fed and have stood by while the entire financial system has been gamed by greedy bastards and done NOTHING about it does NOT mean you can delegate the blame. If we had more than a dozen people in Congress that knew anything about economics maybe this might have been avoided. Probably not since at least 95% of those that understand what is going are also playing the game as well.  Mark my words, if Congress leaves and the ship is still adrift, they might never even come back. There may be nothing to come back to. The Congress may not exist by the time they would return.

Show me yours…

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News story of yesterday is that GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin’s personal email was hacked and some of the contents posted on the internet. Almost anyone can attest to that not being something anyone wants to happen to them, but let’s look at this for a minute.

First, there is the some 1100 emails that her office refuses to release in conjunction with her ‘Troopergate’ scandal. This hack might in response to this refusal. The big problem I have with this is the fact that at any time, government officials can look at our private email, so turnabout is fair play I’d say. They can look at ours, but we are expected to keep theirs private even though they voluntarily put themselves in a public forum by seeking high public office. Goose and the gander and all that.

Also, there is another problem here. Palin has already been criticized for using private email (Yahoo) for state business. This is a HUGE problem. Not only is it just bad ‘business’ practice, it is downright irresponsible. I know I just wrote that public officials emails should public and all that, but there is an actual need for state secrecy in some matters. Something like Yahoo accounts are easily hackable (as we have seen) and to use an unsecured channel like that for official and potentially sensitive information is just inexcusable. In the military we call this COMSEC (communications security) and she has pulled an epic fail in this respect. In an effort to circumvent disclosure rules (by using private email for touchy but official subjects) she opens herself to easier disclosure by hackers.

Imagine if she is Vice President or even President and she is using her Yahoo account to email treaty information to a NATO ally, or trying to get European heads of state onboard with whatever war we want to start next.  If your average script kiddie can hack Yahoo accounts, do you not think the Chinese or Russian actual cyberspies can’t? it shows a lack of discipline and understanding of how things work. Besides, how professional would it be for us to be sending emails to the Prime Minister of Britain from the email address or You wouldn’t even look at a resume for a menial job from such an account.

Bottom line is if this woman is not smart enough to not email something she doesn’t want public, much less from such an insecure account, she disqualifies herself from the office she seeks (or already has in my opinion.)

Oh, and it would also be nice if the government would stop spying on all of us. You know, just saying…

What’s with all the Aliens these days?

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Since the beginning of this year, the media has seemed to be paying a lot of attention to UFO stories, particularly ‘credible’ ones. Larry King, Drudge Report, and just last night an hour and a half ABC Primetime special. Drudge ran the rather old news of Edgar Mitchell (ex-astronaut) saying UFOs are real for a week and even moved it around on the page, made it red sometimes, sometimes not etc… It was obviously a story that Drudge wanted to keep in the public eye for a while as sometimes actual important things last only hours on that particular site.
Regardless of where you are in believing in UFOs, isn’t it odd that the media seems to be cramming this down our throats? There is still the endless onslaught of 9/11 happened this way specials and they still run the History channel debacle over and over to try and hurt the truth movement, but at the same time the same media is promoting UFOs as real? Why?
Some have speculated that maybe it’s setting up a false flag alien attack (presumably with tons of video fakery to help prove it to the masses) or an forthcoming announcement from the government that ‘yes, aliens are real and we have known for a long time…sorry.’ I have thought that maybe it’s a smoke screen to try and bleed off ‘conspiracy nuts’ from 9/11 truth and bog them down in UFO arguments. There are a decent number of people that used to live for ‘fighting about UFO truth’ that since 9/11 started ‘fighting for 9/11 truth’ and maybe the media thought shapers are trying to bring those people back around to lessen the numbers.

Whatever the reason, we the people are know supposed to be thinking of UFOs and based on the coverage, favorably so.

What do you think?