Sudden Death: The Syndrome

Rueters has an article that basically says that the reason so many otherwise healthy people die while being arrested these days is a result of an overdrive adrenaline rush that mimics a condition in animals.

Are you shitting me?

Sure, it has nothing to do with the further militarization of law enforcement nor the over zealous use of taser devices or the more publicly accepted degrees of torture that ‘authorities’ must use to protect the innocents these days. In the ‘good old days’ if someone died while being arrested it it was because they were caught killing a child (or worse) and it was quietly accepted that ‘jailhouse justice’ had been served. It was a very rare occurrence and used in the most heinous of cases. These days women can be killed in airports because they are drunk and loud and it’s just accepted as normal operations. People are beaten, tased and gassed for protesting on public streets. This is such an obvious case of police state media propaganda that it is laughable. Well, it would be if it weren’t so damn scary. People dying in police custody isn’t due to police abuse, it’s just a chemical reaction in the suspects body and their fault. ‘They was probably hopped up on some PCP or something!’

Please, please people. Pay attention to what they are trying to do to you.


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