7 Years on…

Putting this up a day late but here goes:

After 7 years, countless hours of videos,  internet posts, radio broadcasts, a few hours of actual cable broadcast time, almost no broadcast television time the ‘Truth Movement’ has hit it’s critical mass. It’s all downhill from here. No one cares anymore. Yes, it is the very foundation of our current social, political and financial status quo. Just no one cares. People aren’t afraid of color coded terrorist alerts anymore and even die hard Republicans see that their political leaders are just using 9/11 as political traction. Of course there are still the violently ignorant folks that tear up at the sight of collage of the Twin Towers, the Flag and eagles…then they go home and punch their wife in the mouth and pass out. These folks will always be there. The majority of folks just simply have no feeling one way or the other about it anymore. “Well, even if it was all the government, what are we gonna do about it? What about those Colts? Gas prices , American Idol, Sarah Palin nude, abortion, gays etc….” That is the majority of Americans right there.

Couple that with the implosion of the ‘Truth Movement’ , splintering, infiltration and provacteurs. The ‘No Plane’ crowd screaming at the ‘plane huggers,’ the We Are Change confrontations seeming to be an even split between actual members and provacateurs, the same ‘confrontations’ really achieving nothing other than the occasional moment of bad press or a nice video bite to put into a film, now avaliable for only $19.99! Alex Jones acting like a dickhead and trying to rule ‘his’ 9/11 Truth domain with an iron fist, with no room for questions HIS points of view. Kind of sounds a bit like a President we happen to know huh? We are losing credibility on all fronts.

It has been brought up several times in the past few years about how another false flag terror event would help the Global Masters achieve their goals, I am starting to think that it just might help the real patriots as well. Sadly, people don’t think much more than 5 minutes into the future and 30 seconds into the past it seems, so maybe we need an even bigger slap to wake everyone up before it’s too late. Maybe it already is.

*PLEASE NOTE  I am not saying that I WANT another attack to happen, I am just stating my opinions of who would benefit from one. I really DON”T want there to be any more deaths because of these dangerous policies that are being foisted onto us. Sad that one has to even qualify something like this these days instead acutally using their brains and trying to understand context.*


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