What’s with all the Aliens these days?

Since the beginning of this year, the media has seemed to be paying a lot of attention to UFO stories, particularly ‘credible’ ones. Larry King, Drudge Report, and just last night an hour and a half ABC Primetime special. Drudge ran the rather old news of Edgar Mitchell (ex-astronaut) saying UFOs are real for a week and even moved it around on the page, made it red sometimes, sometimes not etc… It was obviously a story that Drudge wanted to keep in the public eye for a while as sometimes actual important things last only hours on that particular site.
Regardless of where you are in believing in UFOs, isn’t it odd that the media seems to be cramming this down our throats? There is still the endless onslaught of 9/11 happened this way specials and they still run the History channel debacle over and over to try and hurt the truth movement, but at the same time the same media is promoting UFOs as real? Why?
Some have speculated that maybe it’s setting up a false flag alien attack (presumably with tons of video fakery to help prove it to the masses) or an forthcoming announcement from the government that ‘yes, aliens are real and we have known for a long time…sorry.’ I have thought that maybe it’s a smoke screen to try and bleed off ‘conspiracy nuts’ from 9/11 truth and bog them down in UFO arguments. There are a decent number of people that used to live for ‘fighting about UFO truth’ that since 9/11 started ‘fighting for 9/11 truth’ and maybe the media thought shapers are trying to bring those people back around to lessen the numbers.

Whatever the reason, we the people are know supposed to be thinking of UFOs and based on the coverage, favorably so.

What do you think?


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