Congress Walking out on the Job?

With all the financial problems our country is facing, Nancy Pelosi, Reid and others are now saying that they intend to go ahead and close session at the end of the month and let the Fed and Treasury Dept figure out the implosion of our economy. They ‘don’t know what to do.’

News flash to Congress: YOU DON’T GET OFF THE HOOK! Our printing of money and the oversight of our financial framework is Congress’ responsibility as spelled out in the Constitution, you know that ‘goddam piece of paper’ you always seem to forget. Just because you have delegated (i.e. sold out to) the Fed and have stood by while the entire financial system has been gamed by greedy bastards and done NOTHING about it does NOT mean you can delegate the blame. If we had more than a dozen people in Congress that knew anything about economics maybe this might have been avoided. Probably not since at least 95% of those that understand what is going are also playing the game as well.  Mark my words, if Congress leaves and the ship is still adrift, they might never even come back. There may be nothing to come back to. The Congress may not exist by the time they would return.

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