Show me yours…

News story of yesterday is that GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin’s personal email was hacked and some of the contents posted on the internet. Almost anyone can attest to that not being something anyone wants to happen to them, but let’s look at this for a minute.

First, there is the some 1100 emails that her office refuses to release in conjunction with her ‘Troopergate’ scandal. This hack might in response to this refusal. The big problem I have with this is the fact that at any time, government officials can look at our private email, so turnabout is fair play I’d say. They can look at ours, but we are expected to keep theirs private even though they voluntarily put themselves in a public forum by seeking high public office. Goose and the gander and all that.

Also, there is another problem here. Palin has already been criticized for using private email (Yahoo) for state business. This is a HUGE problem. Not only is it just bad ‘business’ practice, it is downright irresponsible. I know I just wrote that public officials emails should public and all that, but there is an actual need for state secrecy in some matters. Something like Yahoo accounts are easily hackable (as we have seen) and to use an unsecured channel like that for official and potentially sensitive information is just inexcusable. In the military we call this COMSEC (communications security) and she has pulled an epic fail in this respect. In an effort to circumvent disclosure rules (by using private email for touchy but official subjects) she opens herself to easier disclosure by hackers.

Imagine if she is Vice President or even President and she is using her Yahoo account to email treaty information to a NATO ally, or trying to get European heads of state onboard with whatever war we want to start next.  If your average script kiddie can hack Yahoo accounts, do you not think the Chinese or Russian actual cyberspies can’t? it shows a lack of discipline and understanding of how things work. Besides, how professional would it be for us to be sending emails to the Prime Minister of Britain from the email address or You wouldn’t even look at a resume for a menial job from such an account.

Bottom line is if this woman is not smart enough to not email something she doesn’t want public, much less from such an insecure account, she disqualifies herself from the office she seeks (or already has in my opinion.)

Oh, and it would also be nice if the government would stop spying on all of us. You know, just saying…


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