Obsession (with the politics of fear)

You may have heard of this, or even received one yourself by now. A 501c called the Clarion Fund has begun distributing 28 million free DVDs called Obession: Radical Islams War Against the West. It features a great emotional image of the pile at Ground Zero with an American flag on the cover. I received this yesterday (actually sent to my wife, whose name is not been used in any political contributions or anything and interestingly enough my friend was sent one in his wife’s name who is in the same boat…odd) and fully expected this to be propaganda.

I was right. It, at best, is a partisan swift boat attack against the Democrats but in all reality a ‘call to arms’ to alert non-Muslims that pretty much all Muslims want to kill us. Not exactly, but that is the picture they want you to get from it. They say that aprox. 10% to 15% of the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide are Jihadists. That means that there is nearly a 1:1 Jihadist vs American Citizen ratio. If that were the case, then why haven’t they just marched on us? Why all this sneaking around and using bombs here and there? Not to mention that in virtually every instance of ‘Islamic terrorism’ there has been fingerprints of the attacked government’s involvement…

This movie will play well to the NASCAR, beer drinking, ‘lets kill brown people’ crowd, you know, Republicans, but it is my fear that otherwise normal people will let this incessant beating of anti-Muslim drums leads to outright violence towards normal Muslim people.

Am I saying that there are not Muslims that want to kill Americans and think we are evil? Of course not. They are drinking the Koolaid that’s given to them, and some really believe that and the bad thing is is that they aren’t totally mistaken in thinking that the American government isn’t out to get them. For about the past 70 years, America has had an active role in shaping policies in the Middle East and setting up tyrants that abuse their people. Britain’s meddling goes back even further. It was just business though. Sorry some civilians got gassed and all. Sorry that we sided with you and the people you were at war with at the same time. Have to make a living!

Ironic that the film draws parallels between Nazism and Islam. All the while they are making this case, they don’t get that they are doing the same thing to themselves. Yeah, it is totally wrong to make a case against somebody just because of their religion, no matter how different it is from yours…JUST LIKE YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW! It assumes that the Judaeo-Christian religion is ‘right’ and that Islam is ‘wrong.’ The exact same thing they are accusing the ‘other side’ is doing.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.


2 Responses to “Obsession (with the politics of fear)”

  1. This DVD should be bundled with “Jesus Camp” just to scare people
    about ALL the crazy religious people in this world! A bunch of propaganda from the Bush/Rove/McCain camp. Funny how you can research any other movie made & find out the production company & then research the board of that company to find out the individuals involved – NOT this one. That alone should give people pause. Could this be Chaney – working from the dark side – while he decorates his new condo in Dubai?

  2. The people that like the Obsession DVD would think Jesus Camp is a GREAT movie… showing how great those little warriors of Jesus are!

    That’s the thing about ‘beliefs’ they are impervious to things like ‘facts’ or ‘common sense.’

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