More on Obsession

I posted a “Colbert-style” entry to my local paper’s Speak Out forum yesterday telling everyone to watch for their free DVDs in the mail. In my Bible Belt town, this DVD is practically spank material. Hardly surprising then when no one replied in any way to the post. They were all probably too busy making copies for their friends or indeed masterbating to the outright hatred contained in this movie.
The DVD has been already easily discredited, by showing who funded it, who it’s ‘consultants’ are , including proven fake ex-PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Squarepants!)

I will admit, it’s a good bit of propaganda with plenty of emotional footage of little boys and girls saying ‘I want to die for Allah, kill the USA!’ Of course, since it’s in Arabic, we will have to rely on the translation to verify this. Of course, someone that speaks Arabic could confirm or deny this , the intended audience does not know Arabic or anyone that speaks Arabic. The intended audience is the beer swilling redneck that makes jokes about convience stores and drives by the local mosque and says something to the effect of ‘theres the terrorist headquarters.’
Same kind of people that enjoy hunting, four wheel drives and lynchings (man, those were the good ole days.)

Please, if you know someone that has watched this film, please explain to them the truth of all this. Yes indeed there are Muslim folks that truly would like to kill non-Muslims. Just as there are Jews who like the line in their scriptures about killing all the gentiles (non-jews) and Christians that think that today is a good time to start another Crusade and that our military is ‘God’s Army.’  I am pretty sure that the main message in all these religions is basically peace and treat everyone with honor, but they are all based on the same untrue fable and are easily bent by the demands of their appointed human leaders to blindly follow whatever is put before them.


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