Politicians doing their jobs?!?!?!

A new article out today (http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080930/meltdown_tough_votes.html?.v=1) paintsthe Representatives that voted NO on the bailout plan were doing so to ‘protect their vulnerable seats’ in the House. The tone of the article is one that these guys should ashamed to be bowing to pressure brought to them from their constituents.

Uhm, that’s what they are SUPPOSED to do!

Our Representatives should being doing just that, representing the people! I have seen plenty of reports of the against/for ratio that Congress persons have been receiving on the order of 100-1. If it’s 100-1 it’s pretty damn scary to see that it came as close as it did to passing. The people that voted yes should be a tiny tiny list if they were truly representing the peoples wishes rather than bow to the political pressure of their parties leaders or the President.

We all know that in one form or another that this will pass, but just remember that it will be a huge failure of our representative form of government. The anointed ones know what is best for us, even if we hate and it and don’t want it. You know, giving all your freedom and money to the state for the betterment and security of all is the appropriate thing to do right?

This is getting so transparent that even the most deluded Kool Aid drinkers are starting to see how the system , including the media, sells us rose-scented bullshit. Will enough stand up? Will enough stand firm and fight to get this country back? I think more would have voted no if it were more like the first years of this country, when lawmakers needed to worry about more than losing their jobs. Citizens had guns and wouldn’t be shy about showing up and forcing them to leave. Of course, if it were like that still, we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we?

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