Get ready for the gaming of the election

We in America have always had problems voting. Whether it’s dead people’s votes, trying to turn various groups away from voting, busing in voters who may or may not realize they aren’t voting for McKinley, hanging chads or horribly insecure voting machines it’s extremely hard to verify that any vote is accurate.

We haven’t even gotten to the voting yet and there are flags being raised that the gaming will be just as bad or worse than ever this time around. A ‘cyber-security expert’ is raising the spectre of even other countries hacking our vote this year I personally think that Israel, China and others have enough sway over our political systems that they don’t need to hack our vote.

Another story today is that Arizona is offering web based voting for their military residents overseas. Hmm, Arizona, military…I would really like to see how many of those votes end up going for Obama. I suspect a tiny fraction.

On a deeper level though, I wonder just how much our voting even really counts. They make it seem contentious and dirty, but in all reality, isn’t our next leader already chosen anyway? It is true that our votes can, are and have been manipulated in virtually every election ever held, but if no one voted, there would still be a winner. I believe that the winner has already been chosen and has known already that they have the job. The rest is window dressing to make us feel like we still have power.

Whether or not its all fake, a great place to learn about and follow the election is  . They are a watchdog group, (you might have seen the early stages of this outfit and Bev Harris in the great documentary Hacking Democracy..if you’ve not seen it, do so!) that tries to keep elections fair and transparent. They even went as far as getting into car chases following the machines being monkeyed with in the primaries this year. They believe that the system can work, but it takes us watching them like hawks to make sure it does. Not sure I agree with them on that, but it’s interesting to see how blatantly the voting commissions manipulate and sour the vote. Go check it out and on Nov 4th, watch their stories. You will get much truer accounts from them than the MSM.

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