Patriot Radio Games part duex

This is a couple of days old now, but popular talk radio host Jack Blood was forced off the GCN network. His show Deadline Live was shut down and is now on the move to another network. Here is a post in his forums detailing his canceling:

Now, if you are not familiar with Jack he is a popular Patriot host with years of experience. His cancellation, especially in light of the allegations it was over censoring of his guests, fits especially well since it is becoming more and more apparent to those paying attention that GCN and their flagship host, Alex Jones, are pumping out disinformation and generally shutting down of open discussion of all matters.

If you want to listen to unedited, unhindered TRUTH, tune in to Oracle Broadcasting! Free streams and you are not getting hit over the head every 5 seconds to give money or buy videos etc…

Oracle Broadcasting


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