What (or who) is on Draft?

For everyone that is decrying McCain and all about freedom loving Obama, remember one of the big, but often un-discussed, tenets of the Democratic party: mandated government service. Clinton’s Peace Corps deal to help the jobless rate is now reflected in Obama’s recent statements of having women sign up for Selective Service. Under the Democratic more outright socialist outlook, people will be expected to perform under government service programs in return for the state’s increasing ‘charity’ of giving you healthcare etc…

We already are slaves to the state under the income tax laws , I don’t know what else to call it, and under the benevolent guidance of democrats we will become even more enslaved. Either through increased taxes (meaning a higher percentage of worktime going directly to the government) or outright mandatory service requirements (in order to vote, one must be a Citizen!  shout out to the Starship Trooper fans out there) we will only become more enslaved. if it turns out that we can’t pull out of Iraq (see how this turns out!) and we ‘need to increase the presence in Afghanistan, a draft is looking and more certain. Either side winning will not change this.

Am I saying Obama is bad and you should vote for McCain then? HELL NO!

It certainly would be nice to be able to vote for a valid 3rd party candidate that might stand a snowball’s chance in hell, but that’s not likely to ever happen. Even our 3rd party candidates these days are ‘insiders’ that if somehow elected would not be any better than what we already have. Bob Barr (Libertarian) was CIA for crying out loud! Ron Paul is backing Chuck Baldwin, a blowhard Christian fundie that is all for the Constitution, except that part about freedom of religion etc… Cynthia McKinney, probably not a bad choice, except she would have everyone under the eco-warrior mode of paying new taxes on our carbon dioxide output (i.e. literally taxing us to breathe.)

Too bad we don’t have a No Confidence system in place. Of course, with the way the media is controlling everything and people’s attention spans shortened to milliseconds, maybe that’s not the way to go. We would never have a President because we would be constantly changing our minds based on whatever 20/20 had a story on that week.

None of the above would be my choice but that’s not especially productive either.

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