Not sure about this one

Here is an article about the steps being taken to protect children from registered sex offenders: Washington Post

This is a matter of which I am on the fence about. While I certainly want to protect children from sick predators, I can see where this is one of those everyone is equal and free …except you. No one wants child molesters on the streets or living in their neighborhoods, but what if, one of these people got whatever was sick in their heads fixed and they really don’t pose a threat anymore? What if they have paid their debt to society and really just want to get on with their lives? Putting their name, address accessible to anyone on the internet to find and marking their yards with Scarlett Letters is not an intrusion of their privacy? Now I know that if they were an animal that raped young children with no remorse I sure would like to know where they are so we can keep an eye on them. Of course if they are that suspect still, maybe they should still be in prison or put to death!

What if they were branded a child molester because they were 18 and knocked up their 17 year old girlfriend and the parents prosecuted? Ok, now what if he was 18 and she was 14? He was 40 and she was 16? Where’s the line?  Some stand out as immediatley creepy, others are pretty gray aren’t they? Every state has it’s own laws on this so what’s acceptable in Arkansas might not be the same as California, or Utah and so forth. And why is it only sex offenders? What about burglars, or murderers, extortionists, arsonists, drunk drivers or speeding ticket receipients? For some reason those folks are afforded their privacy (well at least more than the sex offenders) and not hounded for the rest of their lives.

Either a person should be deemed safe or not in society, but to expect someone to be set free and then make them loudly proclaim themselves as a past criminal or otherwise a threat to children doesn’t do anyone any good. Most of these programs are pretty easily ‘gotten around’ just by not registering it seems, so why punish someone that is trying to do the right thing? The real dangerous ones are going to go off the map, get a job in a daycare or school and continue to do what they are doing. And let us not also forget that the majority of child abuse cases involved someone in their family, not just a random Freddy Kruger type wandering around.

Clean up the rules so folks really know what they are dealing with and for god sakes, keep the real monsters off the streets ,better yet, dead if proven guilty 100%. You would have a lot more room if you maybe let the pot smokers out of jail and gave the child molesters their rooms. Then make potheads have signs in their yards, so the rest of us know where the party is! It’s easy to say ‘if you do the crime, you have to pay the consequences’ but just think about how it would be if we applied this concept evenly, especially the next time you get a speeding ticket. You probably wouldn’t want anyone to be able to look up your address and name on the internet because you ‘threaten the lives of others with recklessness in a motor vehicle’ and should be kept an eye on, lest you speed through your neighborhood and kill a playing child. It’s a slippery slope.


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