Freedom to live? HA!

A Pennsylvania woman has been ordered by her township to tear down a shed which is shielded from outside pollutants that keeps her safe from her ‘environmental illness.’ MyWay News article

Now, the big reasoning behind this is the couple’s running afoul of zoning laws and the perceived damage to surrounding neighbors’ property values. The town’s position is that the woman’s malady is not real or physical but a mental problem. Regardless, her not being in her ‘bubble’ causes her great pain. So the issue at hand is which is more important: a person’s health and well-being or property values? Whether or not her illness is an actual physical problem, if it is apparent that her well-being is affected by not being in her area then the township is infringing on her most basic right of all: existing.

Now, we don’t know the real story behind this, maybe these people are loud, obnoxious and generally causing problems in their town all the time, but we can’t be sure with the paltry coverage offered here.  Maybe there is more going on than is being reported. This is just another step of taking people from their property, same as the imminent domain Supreme Court ruling of a few years ago that lets local governments to take someone’s property to allow a business to setup in it’s place to increase tax monies.

On the face of the available evidence though, this is just a crazy precedent to set. Let people be!

One Response to “Freedom to live? HA!”

  1. Leslie Pike Says:

    I hope this information will get to Elizabeth Feudale-Bowes….
    I was just as sick for 10 years! I finally went to Optimum Health Institute to cleanse my body of toxins so my liver could be restored and everything started working well again. It didn’t take long and you learn a lot about yourself and what to do when you go home.
    There is another place very similar in Michigan, Creative Health Institute. They can both be found on line.

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