Military puts the ‘Twit’ in Twitter

New article out talking about the dangers of terrorists using twitter. Read it here

Based on the headline you would think that intelligence has found al-Qaida using Twitter, right?
Ah ha, but read the actual article… It’s not terrorists using it, it’s people reporting about an earthquake ,GASP, faster than the MSM. It’s also activists using it to try and get around totally un-Constitutional ‘free speech zones’ during the RNC. The article blatantly says that “Twitter is already used by some members to post and/or support extremist ideologies and perspectives.” So now if you have an extremist ideology , code for pretty much anything not pimped by the state-run U.S. media, you are being labled publically as a terrorist. Couple that with the whole Northcom Army for operations against the American public, and it’s plain to see that ‘They’ are planning to move soon against those with unpopular opinions.

Here’s the executive summary: If you have an un-popular opinion you are a terrorist. You are a terrorist if you try to voice or spread those views using online communications and the Army is watching you. So, if you are listening authorities: Fuck you. The First Amendment is non-negotiable.


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