Faux News, your slip is showing

There is a story today at Raw Story (read here) about how Joe the Plumber is promoting absurdest fear mongering against Obama. Fox news is actually critical of him and McCain’s closeness to him for doing such a thing. Wow. Fox news NOT sticking up for whatever insane spin the GOP is putting on something? Has the world gone upside down?

No. This not the first time in recent memory that Fox has been drinking some Obama koolaid and criticizing McCain. It’s all part of the plan. Fox news is NOT a GOP mouthpiece at all it turns out. They are opportunistic mouthpieces of ‘those in charge.’ Nowadays, ‘those in charge’ are all about getting Obama, the black Jesus, into office to further the goals of the global elites. I think you will see some of the intensely Republican rhetoric waning on that network and it will spun as ‘see, we have always been fair and balanced, you just weren’t paying enough attention.’ You will still have your Bill O’s and Hannity’s on there to preach to the Nascar type choirs, and they will be all about discrediting Obama, but I think you will see perhaps a softening on the nasty blows. Until of course it’s the appointed time for Obama to be the villian and the tide to turn against him. Might be 1 year, might be 6..who can say. I think it will explain itself , but so far as the entire Fox news brigade, I think you will see some centering effect on it overall, but when you start out SO far on the right, it’s likely to never be ‘fair and balanced’ at all.


2 Responses to “Faux News, your slip is showing”

  1. Wasn’t fox just criticizing the MSM for talking about Joe the Plumber. Now they are digging deep into his opinions, asking him to share his expertise, and criticizing him? That’s not an attempt to sell themselves as fair or balanced. It’s just bizarre.

  2. jonnyfrag Says:

    Well, if you are exposing Joe the Plumber then it’s all kinds of bad, but if you are picking his brain for detailed financial and foreign policy advice, then he’s an expert!

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