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It’s The End of the World As We Know It, I don’t feel fine…

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Do you?

Financial reporters and mainstream media are finally paying attention to economists that have been telling them for years that the Fed is the cause of of all our concern. Here is a story from Yahoo Financial, written by Robert Kiyosaki, a man that mostly gets it. Read it here.

I wish to quote a part of that article:

“I personally don’t participate in the debate over a possible global conspiracy; it’s a waste of time. To me, the wider struggle is for power and domination. And while this struggle has done a lot of good — and a lot of bad — I just want to know how to avoid becoming its victim. I see no reason to be a mouse trying to stop a herd of elephants from fighting.”

This is why the problem cannot be fixed. Indeed, we are mice in the presence of elephants. But guess what, aren’t elephants supposed to be scared of mice? There are also MANY more mice than elephants. It’s probably on the order of something like a 95% advantage.

When people lose things like Liberty or freedoms, they don’t notice. They are nebulous, abstract ideas. I thought that maybe once they started to outright rob us, that more people would get pissed off. People did get pissed, and called their representatives, enough so that on the first try of the bailout the House was actually criticized in the media for ‘bowing under pressure from their constituents because they wanted to get re-elected.’ Of course, then the bailout passed anyway and people went, well dammit they are stupid. That right there should have been a HUGE wake-up call to the public that something is very wrong with our government and people should have taken to the streets, demanding that our will be done. Nope. Now the it comes out that the bailout money isn’t going to be used for what they said it was. Outrage? Nope. All along the way, the point that their was no oversight given on the bailout was illuminated. Red flags? Nope. They outright laugh at us on national television. Their systems have done such a good job of breeding an indifferent slave, they cannot believe it themselves.

Obama may very well be the catalyst for an actual change in America, but not from him or from any government officials. Once Obama’s programs of indentured servitude for Americans kicks in, our money is absolutely worthless and people cannot afford to pay their electric bills and therefore miss the newest episode of Survivor, maybe then people will take to the streets and make the change needed. We need a reboot, just like we did when we put forth the Declaration of Independence. If the government ceases to help you, and does nothing but enslave you, then it’s time to form a new one.


Iceland out-Americas America

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Read story here

So Icelanders have had it with the inept handling and corruption of their leaders and financial controllers and they have begun riots and demanding that they be fired. Remember when the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave did stuff like that? Our leaders go on television and laugh when they are asked about where our 700 billion is going (not to mention the trillions that the Fed is printing up and giving away) and Americans sit at home on their asses, waiting for the next season of American Idol to start up. Oh, you can get someone up at 4 am on a vacation day to go buy some piece of shit Chinese-made electronic equipment on sale, but getting raped over and over by our leaders…whatever.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! I am not trying to incite a riot or anything, but damn…not even a peaceful protest? Nary a peep. Maybe more is going on than I know about, but then again, how could one tell? Thousands turned out in protest this past weekend at Federal Reserve offices around the country to support the ‘End the Fed’ protests, but since the state-run American media won’t report any of that, the general populace doesn’t know a thing about it.

America: outshown by a bunch of frigid bearded guys in Iceland. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Enough with the Birth Certificate crap

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Sore loser Republicans are still moaning about the whole ‘birth certificate-gate’ with Obama. I think that the jury is pretty much in on this on, even though Drudge and others are still pushing it. It really amuses me that they (the GOPs) are trying to cry foul on Constitutional grounds. ‘It’s not just a piece of toilet paper’ etc… Let me remind you that ‘It’s just a goddamn piece of paper’ is a direct quote from your poster boy, super-Christian George W Bush. It was HIS administration that gutted the 4th through 8th amendments, trampled the 1st amendment and took every opportunity to other wise circumvent the natural balance of power, as put forth in those papers you hold so dear like the Constitution. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you care about the Constitution, then you cannot be a Bush supporter. Now shut up or put up.

Paulson opposes using bailout money for bailout

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Treasury Secretary Paulson is fighting Congress on usage of the TARP bailout money. Wow, imagine that. People that were paying attention when this was being proposed threw up the red flags that in the bill, it was up to the controllers to decide how to use the money and that no over sight would be allowed. Now that all the Congress voted for it, they are upset that there is no over sight allowed. No shit dumbasses. Read article here.

Congress want part of the TARP money used for the automaking industry and some for home mortages to help thousands more not lose their homes. Paulson says , no sorry we aren’t using it for that. Instead he has already given $40 billion to just one company , AIG, who has humbly operated since recieving the bailout (spa visits, hundred thousand dollar company retreats…)

Even though the House initially did their jobs (listened to the people and not to their cronies) and voted down the bailout on the first try, as always in Washington, the corruption won out and $700 billion was taken from us, the people, to help make sure that the top 1% didn’t have to change their lifestyles because the markets they bled dry, well, went dry.

If the big automakers do go belly up, it will mean the losses of up to a million jobs. It WILL be a horrible thing. But let us also remember that the automakers are plenty at fault for the mess we are all in now as well. They have been among some of the worst ‘job-shippers’ along with their suppliers for the past 25 years. They were not concerned with job loss when it was simply threatening their bottom line, but now since their entire business is shakey, they are all about job protection. But to zoom out of that picture a little bit, the reason jobs went overseas and prices on cars stayed in the insane level is because of the auto industry workers union. Their union actually fought for the pay and benefits of the autoworkers to try and keep up with inflation, whereas most didn’t. Why is there inflation? Because of the Federal Reserve and it’s practices of printing funny money and killing the value of our dollar.

Do we save the auto industry? We have to at this point. But the real ‘fix’ to all of this is totally changing our currency and telling the Federal Reserve to piss off, they aren’t getting their interest anymore. It was a bad business deal from the start so let the actual pilots of this doomed ship go down with it. Let the rest of us off the hook.

Automakers come with hat in hand

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So, after years of ignoring customer’s wishes ,producing inferior products and cooperating with the oil companies to make sure their product is in high demand (thanks 10mpg SUVs!) , the big 3 automakers come to the government asking for money. In cases like this, we the people really are the government. You know, when someone needs money.

There is even a nice little youtube video posted now illustrating the dangers of letting the big 3 fail.

They threaten so many lost jobs, lost insurance benefits, losses for everyone. This I guess is for those that forgot that the automakers (and their suppliers) are among the leading offenders of job displacement out of the country. Think of the people you know that lost their jobs when their plants closed…what did they make? I am betting that a full 3rd to half of people were in the auto industry in some manner.

Since they have been in cahoots for so long (to bilk us, the consumer, out of money) let the oil companies bail the automotive companies out. The oil companies have been making mind-boggling profits for the past few years, a measly 50 billion is nothing to help their price fixing buddies out. We already gave at the office (700 billion worth) and it’s just lining the pockets of the assholes that got us into this mess to begin with.

I really cannot understand why the people are not marching in the streets of Washington demanding blood for this entire stupid mess. I don’t mean like 300 people , I mean like 2 million. I also do not mean figurative blood either. The government has always robbed us blind and rescricted our freedoms that the Constitution reminds us of (not gives us, just reminds us!) but now they do it in the light of day, grinning the whole time they do it. This is no different than being robbed at gunpoint. Don’t pay your taxes, they will come to arrest you at gunpoint. This means you are a defacto slave for the government , giving a percentage of your earnings to the government right off the top. Of course, we do this in return for services and protections they give us… you know like protecting us on 9/11, helping Katrina victims, helping the Galveston hurricane victims from this year (there’s still 130 missing and we can’t even get the media to mention it…many areas with NO power still and thousands of lost jobs….no bail out for those folks and it’s not their fault), building and maintaining safe roads (ours are the worst maintained in the western world) and on and on. Look here some some interesting numbers about our infrastructure.

We are living in a state of Fascism. Obama will not make this better. He will just convince us that this screwing is what we need and have us beg for it. He’s a good face man. NOTHING CHANGES UNLESS WE CHANGE IT!


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A South Carolina priest is warning his parishioners that they risk their immortal souls by taking Communion if they have voted for Barack Obama. Read here

This is yet another example of the exact reasoning behind the idea of separation of church and state. It goes both ways. You don’t want politicians taking their minister’s advice any more than you want the state to mandate what is being taught in churches. Yet both are happening at an alarming rate these days.  FEMA has a program that is recruiting clergymen to preach acceptance and cooperation with de-arming and non-opposition in case of martial law. Great info here about that.

With the outrage over Prop 8 passing in California, due in large part to the money and campaigning by the LDS Church, there is rising noise to strip that church of it’s tax-exempt status. The case for the continuing meddling of the Catholic Church in U.S. political affairs could be raised (again) and probably should be.

Church’s know very well that ‘voting instructions’ will go over well with their customers, given that people that are regular churchgoers generally are more susceptible to influence. Yes, I am saying that church goers are more dimwitted and malleable than folks that are not. We should revoke all church’s tax exemption status if they refuse to abide by the spirit of the law. I think that the world would be a better place if all church’s were just gone, but I will stand up for your right to believe in fairy tales, even though most holy folks rarely stand up for anyone outside their faith. In fact, most faiths historically (and recently) take great pride in killing those that are not of their brand of crazy. The Crusades, the spread of Islam by the sword, Jews instructions to not piss on a gentile even if he’s on fire, Scientologists …being Scientologists…and atheists are the immoral ones…    sigh

Frying pan, fire and the Ruler of America

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Cries from all over the land are rising, especially Red states, about how Obama is about to begin a dictatorship in America and even going so far as to say that there will be an engineered crisis towards the end of his second term that will get people to do away with the 22nd amendment’s rules of only 2 terms. It doesn’t help that members of Obama’s team are saying things like ‘Obama will be ready to RULE on day one’ See that here

I suppose that people forget that many of the powers Obama can use to cement this absolute control of the country were precedents and rule changes that Bush set!  All the bitching and moaning are all exact repeats that Dems (and independent watchers) have leveled at Bush for years. The scary thing is that even though your average Republican will pshaw these facts, Bush was indeed guilty of these things. To expect that Obama will do any differently is madness.

It is Bush that eviscerated the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th  Amendments, greatly advanced the trampling of the 1st Amendment as well, repealed the Posse Comitatus act, enacted wireless wiretapping, condoned and encouraged torture as a general policy, gave immunity to private entities that helped the government break the law, further tarnished the good name of America across the world…the list goes on and on. These aren’t trivial matters.

What’s left you say? Well, Obama wants to take the 2nd Amendment, further limit the 1st Amendment (fairness doctrine and his well publicized icing of media that doesn’t kiss his ass,) institute mandatory civil service for virtually every American, starting with Middle Schoolers, institute socialized healthcare which brings huge government intervention on people’s lives and possibly limit healthcare to people (You eat Twinkies? Nope, no heart transplant for you!) bring in huge new taxes on environmentally harmful things (such as breathing)

The scariest part of this is that people ASKED for this! To watch the faces of the Obamites during his victory speech on election night, these people will blindly follow their Chosen One anywhere he asks. Lemmings to the slaughter.

Step back, look at history and look at the bigger picture. We are being killed off in a very slick, very systematic way and they have even gotten half of us to beg them to do it!