Are you ready for some elections?

The day is nigh and everyone is all a twitter (careful:Terrorists!) with what tomorrow might bring. The media consensus is it’s all Obama’s show with the right leaning outlets chanting ‘it’s too close to call!’

I think maybe the right-wingers might be right this time though. I could be 100% wrong (and I will admit to it if I am) but I am a bit scared that there may be signal to steal home coming here. I am not sure that when the night is over, we might not have a clear cut winner or McCain will have just sqweaked by and won the contest. With the chicanery already being lined up very openly in Georgia to have voters challenging each other’s citizenship at the polls from the Secretary of State read here to the newly printed insights of a convicted GOP electioneer (new book How to Rig an Election by Allen Raymond (Amazon link , no not one making me any money or anything but it is a good book) I really think McCain has a chance. This of course automatically calls into question civil unrest if this does happen this way (even if it has to be provocateured…) and with this of course the prospect of martial law and all that entails rises. Is this the design? It’s PURE SPECULATION and let’s hope it doesn’t go down like that. I wouldn’t be surprised it if it did though.

No matter who you are voting for, please indulge the system and go vote tomorrow!


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