Frying pan, fire and the Ruler of America

Cries from all over the land are rising, especially Red states, about how Obama is about to begin a dictatorship in America and even going so far as to say that there will be an engineered crisis towards the end of his second term that will get people to do away with the 22nd amendment’s rules of only 2 terms. It doesn’t help that members of Obama’s team are saying things like ‘Obama will be ready to RULE on day one’ See that here

I suppose that people forget that many of the powers Obama can use to cement this absolute control of the country were precedents and rule changes that Bush set!  All the bitching and moaning are all exact repeats that Dems (and independent watchers) have leveled at Bush for years. The scary thing is that even though your average Republican will pshaw these facts, Bush was indeed guilty of these things. To expect that Obama will do any differently is madness.

It is Bush that eviscerated the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th  Amendments, greatly advanced the trampling of the 1st Amendment as well, repealed the Posse Comitatus act, enacted wireless wiretapping, condoned and encouraged torture as a general policy, gave immunity to private entities that helped the government break the law, further tarnished the good name of America across the world…the list goes on and on. These aren’t trivial matters.

What’s left you say? Well, Obama wants to take the 2nd Amendment, further limit the 1st Amendment (fairness doctrine and his well publicized icing of media that doesn’t kiss his ass,) institute mandatory civil service for virtually every American, starting with Middle Schoolers, institute socialized healthcare which brings huge government intervention on people’s lives and possibly limit healthcare to people (You eat Twinkies? Nope, no heart transplant for you!) bring in huge new taxes on environmentally harmful things (such as breathing)

The scariest part of this is that people ASKED for this! To watch the faces of the Obamites during his victory speech on election night, these people will blindly follow their Chosen One anywhere he asks. Lemmings to the slaughter.

Step back, look at history and look at the bigger picture. We are being killed off in a very slick, very systematic way and they have even gotten half of us to beg them to do it!


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