A South Carolina priest is warning his parishioners that they risk their immortal souls by taking Communion if they have voted for Barack Obama. Read here

This is yet another example of the exact reasoning behind the idea of separation of church and state. It goes both ways. You don’t want politicians taking their minister’s advice any more than you want the state to mandate what is being taught in churches. Yet both are happening at an alarming rate these days.  FEMA has a program that is recruiting clergymen to preach acceptance and cooperation with de-arming and non-opposition in case of martial law. Great info here about that.

With the outrage over Prop 8 passing in California, due in large part to the money and campaigning by the LDS Church, there is rising noise to strip that church of it’s tax-exempt status. The case for the continuing meddling of the Catholic Church in U.S. political affairs could be raised (again) and probably should be.

Church’s know very well that ‘voting instructions’ will go over well with their customers, given that people that are regular churchgoers generally are more susceptible to influence. Yes, I am saying that church goers are more dimwitted and malleable than folks that are not. We should revoke all church’s tax exemption status if they refuse to abide by the spirit of the law. I think that the world would be a better place if all church’s were just gone, but I will stand up for your right to believe in fairy tales, even though most holy folks rarely stand up for anyone outside their faith. In fact, most faiths historically (and recently) take great pride in killing those that are not of their brand of crazy. The Crusades, the spread of Islam by the sword, Jews instructions to not piss on a gentile even if he’s on fire, Scientologists …being Scientologists…and atheists are the immoral ones…    sigh


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