Automakers come with hat in hand

So, after years of ignoring customer’s wishes ,producing inferior products and cooperating with the oil companies to make sure their product is in high demand (thanks 10mpg SUVs!) , the big 3 automakers come to the government asking for money. In cases like this, we the people really are the government. You know, when someone needs money.

There is even a nice little youtube video posted now illustrating the dangers of letting the big 3 fail.

They threaten so many lost jobs, lost insurance benefits, losses for everyone. This I guess is for those that forgot that the automakers (and their suppliers) are among the leading offenders of job displacement out of the country. Think of the people you know that lost their jobs when their plants closed…what did they make? I am betting that a full 3rd to half of people were in the auto industry in some manner.

Since they have been in cahoots for so long (to bilk us, the consumer, out of money) let the oil companies bail the automotive companies out. The oil companies have been making mind-boggling profits for the past few years, a measly 50 billion is nothing to help their price fixing buddies out. We already gave at the office (700 billion worth) and it’s just lining the pockets of the assholes that got us into this mess to begin with.

I really cannot understand why the people are not marching in the streets of Washington demanding blood for this entire stupid mess. I don’t mean like 300 people , I mean like 2 million. I also do not mean figurative blood either. The government has always robbed us blind and rescricted our freedoms that the Constitution reminds us of (not gives us, just reminds us!) but now they do it in the light of day, grinning the whole time they do it. This is no different than being robbed at gunpoint. Don’t pay your taxes, they will come to arrest you at gunpoint. This means you are a defacto slave for the government , giving a percentage of your earnings to the government right off the top. Of course, we do this in return for services and protections they give us… you know like protecting us on 9/11, helping Katrina victims, helping the Galveston hurricane victims from this year (there’s still 130 missing and we can’t even get the media to mention it…many areas with NO power still and thousands of lost jobs….no bail out for those folks and it’s not their fault), building and maintaining safe roads (ours are the worst maintained in the western world) and on and on. Look here some some interesting numbers about our infrastructure.

We are living in a state of Fascism. Obama will not make this better. He will just convince us that this screwing is what we need and have us beg for it. He’s a good face man. NOTHING CHANGES UNLESS WE CHANGE IT!

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