Enough with the Birth Certificate crap

Sore loser Republicans are still moaning about the whole ‘birth certificate-gate’ with Obama. I think that the jury is pretty much in on this on, even though Drudge and others are still pushing it. It really amuses me that they (the GOPs) are trying to cry foul on Constitutional grounds. ‘It’s not just a piece of toilet paper’ etc… Let me remind you that ‘It’s just a goddamn piece of paper’ is a direct quote from your poster boy, super-Christian George W Bush. It was HIS administration that gutted the 4th through 8th amendments, trampled the 1st amendment and took every opportunity to other wise circumvent the natural balance of power, as put forth in those papers you hold so dear like the Constitution. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you care about the Constitution, then you cannot be a Bush supporter. Now shut up or put up.

One Response to “Enough with the Birth Certificate crap”

  1. Wow, Supreme Court Coference Review on December 5?

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