Iceland out-Americas America

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So Icelanders have had it with the inept handling and corruption of their leaders and financial controllers and they have begun riots and demanding that they be fired. Remember when the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave did stuff like that? Our leaders go on television and laugh when they are asked about where our 700 billion is going (not to mention the trillions that the Fed is printing up and giving away) and Americans sit at home on their asses, waiting for the next season of American Idol to start up. Oh, you can get someone up at 4 am on a vacation day to go buy some piece of shit Chinese-made electronic equipment on sale, but getting raped over and over by our leaders…whatever.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! I am not trying to incite a riot or anything, but damn…not even a peaceful protest? Nary a peep. Maybe more is going on than I know about, but then again, how could one tell? Thousands turned out in protest this past weekend at Federal Reserve offices around the country to support the ‘End the Fed’ protests, but since the state-run American media won’t report any of that, the general populace doesn’t know a thing about it.

America: outshown by a bunch of frigid bearded guys in Iceland. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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