It’s The End of the World As We Know It, I don’t feel fine…

Do you?

Financial reporters and mainstream media are finally paying attention to economists that have been telling them for years that the Fed is the cause of of all our concern. Here is a story from Yahoo Financial, written by Robert Kiyosaki, a man that mostly gets it. Read it here.

I wish to quote a part of that article:

“I personally don’t participate in the debate over a possible global conspiracy; it’s a waste of time. To me, the wider struggle is for power and domination. And while this struggle has done a lot of good — and a lot of bad — I just want to know how to avoid becoming its victim. I see no reason to be a mouse trying to stop a herd of elephants from fighting.”

This is why the problem cannot be fixed. Indeed, we are mice in the presence of elephants. But guess what, aren’t elephants supposed to be scared of mice? There are also MANY more mice than elephants. It’s probably on the order of something like a 95% advantage.

When people lose things like Liberty or freedoms, they don’t notice. They are nebulous, abstract ideas. I thought that maybe once they started to outright rob us, that more people would get pissed off. People did get pissed, and called their representatives, enough so that on the first try of the bailout the House was actually criticized in the media for ‘bowing under pressure from their constituents because they wanted to get re-elected.’ Of course, then the bailout passed anyway and people went, well dammit they are stupid. That right there should have been a HUGE wake-up call to the public that something is very wrong with our government and people should have taken to the streets, demanding that our will be done. Nope. Now the it comes out that the bailout money isn’t going to be used for what they said it was. Outrage? Nope. All along the way, the point that their was no oversight given on the bailout was illuminated. Red flags? Nope. They outright laugh at us on national television. Their systems have done such a good job of breeding an indifferent slave, they cannot believe it themselves.

Obama may very well be the catalyst for an actual change in America, but not from him or from any government officials. Once Obama’s programs of indentured servitude for Americans kicks in, our money is absolutely worthless and people cannot afford to pay their electric bills and therefore miss the newest episode of Survivor, maybe then people will take to the streets and make the change needed. We need a reboot, just like we did when we put forth the Declaration of Independence. If the government ceases to help you, and does nothing but enslave you, then it’s time to form a new one.

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