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Tis the season to be Medieval

Posted in Uncategorized on December 18, 2008 by jonnyfrag

Original story here

A Florida woman was run out of her church because they did not approve of her relationship with a boyfriend. Now that she has even left the church, elders sent her a letter that said they would air her sins publically for the entire congregation to hear. The pretext for this is a line from the Bible that says that you should tell the sins to ‘the church.’

1. If you are trying to increase your numbers of your congregation, I am pretty sure this is not an effective tactic.

2. Why is it that non-believers are always the immoral ones, when stuff like this happens in churches all the time? How moral is it to publically humiliate, slander and otherwise villify people in such a public forum? The article says they even announced the date they would do it, maybe it IS a drive to get more folks in their doors? Sex sells you know.

3. People see this kind of stuff and before long, using ‘biblical law’ we will be stoning people for sins in the square every Sunday. It’s right there in the ‘Good Word.’ It’s ‘barbaric’ if Muslims do crazy stuff based on their bible, but if a ‘Christian’ does it, then it’s all ok and ‘of God.’ Maybe someone will knit her a nice sweater , with a big red A on it for Christmas.

4. Speaking of which , nice time of the year to do it. Even normally grumpy folks lighten up around this time of year. Nice Christmas present, being bad mouthed by your pastor in public. Thanks for that gift!

I really, really, really hope this lady sues the living shit out of those people for libel, slander and whatever else they can come up with.

It’s NOT the Middle Ages anymore, no witches to burn sorry.


This just in: Chicago Politicians Corrupt..Sky also Blue

Posted in Politics on December 11, 2008 by jonnyfrag

In a shocking series of developments, it turns out that IL. Gov. Rod Blagojevich was scheming to use Obama’s now vacant Senate seat for personal profit and clout. Wow! You mean that politicians try to use things to their advantage and expect favors for doing their duty? Blasphemy!

In other news, fire is found to be hot and Clay Aiken is gay!

This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME folks. Always has, always will. The real question here, the real rabbit trail to follow is WHY is this guy being nailed to a cross? There is always a reason, and no,  just being outright blatant about it doesn’t cut it. If anything, corruption lives out loud in the daylight with taunting laughter these days. Clinton was very transparently a drug dealer and had loads of people whacked and the Bush folks laugh in the face of being caught red-handed on anything.  There’s something else here. What I don’t know, but pay attention to the details. It’s got to be in there somewhere.

Global Government Drum Beat Goes On

Posted in NWO, Politics on December 9, 2008 by jonnyfrag

From today’s article in Financial Times

Quoting from that article “Barack Obama, America’s president-in-waiting, does not share the Bush administration’s disdain for international agreements and treaties.”

Bush’s disdain? Gimme a break! Bush has been instrumental in setting up the global takeovers. Here’s what Bush’s ‘disdain’ for treaties has gotten us.

The NAFTA Superhighway and SPP agreements. Read here here and here. Lest you say that maybe these things are overblown, please note that the third link there is from the White House’s website!

Also note the complete disallowing of any protesting surrounding WTO, G8 etc… visits during Bush’s reign. Bush of course barred any protesting for literally miles around him at any time, but this was even more aggressivley pursued when a global reaching summit was being held.

If Bush was anti-globalism and Obama is pro-globalism in the media’s mind, then holy crap, hang onto your socks!

Fox News: All the fear that’s fit to air

Posted in Media, Politics on December 8, 2008 by jonnyfrag

In a year filled with just downright insane crap to air on Fox News, here is a finalist for the top 5 easily.

Really? I mean, really? You have got to be defecating me Pyle!

On one level, it’s hilarious and hopefully a joke, but taking the source into account, I think they really are trying to scare Sally Midwestern Grandma into thinking people that go to a Hot Topic are evil and that vampires are real. The sad thing is that for a certain percentage of Fox viewers, they will really buy this.

But I believe that he will do the right things for us!

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Ok Obama-aid drinkers. Listen up. Your agent of change has already flopped on campaign financing, no lobbyists, windfall taxes, and on and on. All the posts in his administration are being filled by insiders with dirty hands. Worse, the gloves are off and the insane ideas that Clinton tried to push through will probably go through now because of the incredible scope of Bush’s ineptitude. I was already trying to draw attention to the draft ideas that Obama was pushing and to illustrate what I mean from his own people here is a clip of Rahm Emanuel , Obama’s Chief of Staff, telling how everyone 18-25 will become a member of the National Guard MANDATORY.

Guess what folks, Emanuel tried this back with the Clintons, but now he will likely get it. With the ending of the Posse Comitatus act and Northcom’s 20,000 strong domestic battalion, it’s possible that your own kids will be patrolling your streets, making sure no one with a contrary opinion messes anything up for the rest of us.

Remember, service guarantees Citizenship!

Ultimate Question

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Since I was recently finally able to see Religulous (ironically on the exact same screen as the Passion of the Christ was shown a few years back..but they got that movie the day it came out though) there’s been a lot of discussion of that ultimate question. Is it real, is it fake, does it hurt etc…

In my mind, here is the ultimate showstopper question. If God is all loving , then why is there so much suffering in the world? Many times the answer will be basically ‘God gives us free will to choose if we want to follow and love him, and because of free will people suffer.’ See Mike Huckabee use this argument against Bill Maher here.

Ok, that’s a somewhat logical argument if you already believe. The only way to experience real love is if it’s given freely. If it’s forced, then it’s fake and not satisfying. That makes perfect sense, especially since it’s a basic human emotion. Problem is , that does not answer the question. Just as improbable things end up happening , called miracles by the faithful, so do bad things. Why don’t we call these things miracles too? If your first impulse is to call someone spontaneously becoming cured of some disease a miracle, then why not when someone contracts a deadly disease with no real reason why they should have it? Why isn’t that a miracle?

Even if the whole God wants us to love him despite bad circumstances (think of Job’s story) is true, then why are babies born with horrible painful defects? Why do priests rape little boys? Why does a tsunami wipe out tens of thousands of people in one fell swoop? If God exists and is a loving God, you would think maybe He might give us a little more help once and a while. If he created EVERYTHING in 6 days, how hard would it be to smite some pervy priest or tweak the DNA code for an unborn child so that it might live it’s days without pain? What evil has a child committed? Punishing the parents? That’s not very Godly.

Take a look at the 2 testaments. Old Testament God was a badass, hands on very jealous God. He was smiting towns here and there and saving righteous peoples etc… He also wanted sacrifices to Him and made sure that people that pissed him off paid dearly. The whole breaking of mankind was over a piece of fruit for crying out loud. New Testament God is the God of love, peace , sharing….  the Hippie God basically. Two totally distinct Gods. Of course there is a historical and logical reason for these changes…it’s made up in 2 totally different time periods. Old Testament is all copied down mythologies that started in the Sumerian civilization thousands of years before the first ‘Bible’ was written. The New Testament was written (again borrowing from all the previous polytheist writings, especially ‘Sun worship’) more as a modern morality tale used to make people fall in line and be better content with their servitude to their leaders. But I digress from my main point I wanted to make.

If there is a God, with all the pain and suffering in the world , then He’s not mysterious. He’s just a dick. Should that be capitalized? The Dick?  If God is truly a position of ruler over all, I think it’s time for an impeachment.