Ultimate Question

Since I was recently finally able to see Religulous (ironically on the exact same screen as the Passion of the Christ was shown a few years back..but they got that movie the day it came out though) there’s been a lot of discussion of that ultimate question. Is it real, is it fake, does it hurt etc…

In my mind, here is the ultimate showstopper question. If God is all loving , then why is there so much suffering in the world? Many times the answer will be basically ‘God gives us free will to choose if we want to follow and love him, and because of free will people suffer.’ See Mike Huckabee use this argument against Bill Maher here.

Ok, that’s a somewhat logical argument if you already believe. The only way to experience real love is if it’s given freely. If it’s forced, then it’s fake and not satisfying. That makes perfect sense, especially since it’s a basic human emotion. Problem is , that does not answer the question. Just as improbable things end up happening , called miracles by the faithful, so do bad things. Why don’t we call these things miracles too? If your first impulse is to call someone spontaneously becoming cured of some disease a miracle, then why not when someone contracts a deadly disease with no real reason why they should have it? Why isn’t that a miracle?

Even if the whole God wants us to love him despite bad circumstances (think of Job’s story) is true, then why are babies born with horrible painful defects? Why do priests rape little boys? Why does a tsunami wipe out tens of thousands of people in one fell swoop? If God exists and is a loving God, you would think maybe He might give us a little more help once and a while. If he created EVERYTHING in 6 days, how hard would it be to smite some pervy priest or tweak the DNA code for an unborn child so that it might live it’s days without pain? What evil has a child committed? Punishing the parents? That’s not very Godly.

Take a look at the 2 testaments. Old Testament God was a badass, hands on very jealous God. He was smiting towns here and there and saving righteous peoples etc… He also wanted sacrifices to Him and made sure that people that pissed him off paid dearly. The whole breaking of mankind was over a piece of fruit for crying out loud. New Testament God is the God of love, peace , sharing….  the Hippie God basically. Two totally distinct Gods. Of course there is a historical and logical reason for these changes…it’s made up in 2 totally different time periods. Old Testament is all copied down mythologies that started in the Sumerian civilization thousands of years before the first ‘Bible’ was written. The New Testament was written (again borrowing from all the previous polytheist writings, especially ‘Sun worship’) more as a modern morality tale used to make people fall in line and be better content with their servitude to their leaders. But I digress from my main point I wanted to make.

If there is a God, with all the pain and suffering in the world , then He’s not mysterious. He’s just a dick. Should that be capitalized? The Dick?  If God is truly a position of ruler over all, I think it’s time for an impeachment.

One Response to “Ultimate Question”

  1. Hi! Good blog.

    First, you nailed it on the history of the two testaments and where they came from. And they’re two totally separate religions that were fused into one.

    Anyway, I’ve posed this question to my own readers many times (why does suffering exist), and the Christians are never able to give a good answer. But by far the most common (and disturbing) answer I’ve seen (and I devote a section of my book, Christian No More, to this) is that it’s a good chance for us to do God’s will and help those in need.

    And that is definitely an extremely selfish, nonsensical answer. God created the starving people in Africa, not with them in mind, but because he was focusing on the good white people of the United States so they would have an opportunity to prove to him what good people they are so they can go to Heaven. Yup. Sounds like a really good plan from, to use your words, a real Dick.


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