But I believe that he will do the right things for us!

Ok Obama-aid drinkers. Listen up. Your agent of change has already flopped on campaign financing, no lobbyists, windfall taxes, and on and on. All the posts in his administration are being filled by insiders with dirty hands. Worse, the gloves are off and the insane ideas that Clinton tried to push through will probably go through now because of the incredible scope of Bush’s ineptitude. I was already trying to draw attention to the draft ideas that Obama was pushing and to illustrate what I mean from his own people here is a clip of Rahm Emanuel , Obama’s Chief of Staff, telling how everyone 18-25 will become a member of the National Guard MANDATORY.

Guess what folks, Emanuel tried this back with the Clintons, but now he will likely get it. With the ending of the Posse Comitatus act and Northcom’s 20,000 strong domestic battalion, it’s possible that your own kids will be patrolling your streets, making sure no one with a contrary opinion messes anything up for the rest of us.

Remember, service guarantees Citizenship!


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