Global Government Drum Beat Goes On

From today’s article in Financial Times

Quoting from that article “Barack Obama, America’s president-in-waiting, does not share the Bush administration’s disdain for international agreements and treaties.”

Bush’s disdain? Gimme a break! Bush has been instrumental in setting up the global takeovers. Here’s what Bush’s ‘disdain’ for treaties has gotten us.

The NAFTA Superhighway and SPP agreements. Read here here and here. Lest you say that maybe these things are overblown, please note that the third link there is from the White House’s website!

Also note the complete disallowing of any protesting surrounding WTO, G8 etc… visits during Bush’s reign. Bush of course barred any protesting for literally miles around him at any time, but this was even more aggressivley pursued when a global reaching summit was being held.

If Bush was anti-globalism and Obama is pro-globalism in the media’s mind, then holy crap, hang onto your socks!

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