This just in: Chicago Politicians Corrupt..Sky also Blue

In a shocking series of developments, it turns out that IL. Gov. Rod Blagojevich was scheming to use Obama’s now vacant Senate seat for personal profit and clout. Wow! You mean that politicians try to use things to their advantage and expect favors for doing their duty? Blasphemy!

In other news, fire is found to be hot and Clay Aiken is gay!

This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME folks. Always has, always will. The real question here, the real rabbit trail to follow is WHY is this guy being nailed to a cross? There is always a reason, and no,  just being outright blatant about it doesn’t cut it. If anything, corruption lives out loud in the daylight with taunting laughter these days. Clinton was very transparently a drug dealer and had loads of people whacked and the Bush folks laugh in the face of being caught red-handed on anything.  There’s something else here. What I don’t know, but pay attention to the details. It’s got to be in there somewhere.


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