Tis the season to be Medieval

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A Florida woman was run out of her church because they did not approve of her relationship with a boyfriend. Now that she has even left the church, elders sent her a letter that said they would air her sins publically for the entire congregation to hear. The pretext for this is a line from the Bible that says that you should tell the sins to ‘the church.’

1. If you are trying to increase your numbers of your congregation, I am pretty sure this is not an effective tactic.

2. Why is it that non-believers are always the immoral ones, when stuff like this happens in churches all the time? How moral is it to publically humiliate, slander and otherwise villify people in such a public forum? The article says they even announced the date they would do it, maybe it IS a drive to get more folks in their doors? Sex sells you know.

3. People see this kind of stuff and before long, using ‘biblical law’ we will be stoning people for sins in the square every Sunday. It’s right there in the ‘Good Word.’ It’s ‘barbaric’ if Muslims do crazy stuff based on their bible, but if a ‘Christian’ does it, then it’s all ok and ‘of God.’ Maybe someone will knit her a nice sweater , with a big red A on it for Christmas.

4. Speaking of which , nice time of the year to do it. Even normally grumpy folks lighten up around this time of year. Nice Christmas present, being bad mouthed by your pastor in public. Thanks for that gift!

I really, really, really hope this lady sues the living shit out of those people for libel, slander and whatever else they can come up with.

It’s NOT the Middle Ages anymore, no witches to burn sorry.


One Response to “Tis the season to be Medieval”

  1. Tarantulas Says:

    Since the entire system is based on fear, guilt, and humiliation, nothing about what they did seems that out of place.

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