Congress ‘Approves’ Israel War

A House vote backed Israel’s latest attacks in Gaza 390 to 5. These are the same people that obviously think that 9/11 had nothing at all to do with foreign policy blowback. Source

Quoting from that article:

Harry Reid, who leads the Democratic majority in the senate, said on Thursday following that vote: “Our resolution reflects the will of the state of Israel and the will of the American people.”

Thanks Mr. Reid! I am so glad you have such a bead on the minds and hearts of Americas to know our will. Remember the last time our Representatives talked about our will? During the initial voting on the ‘bailout’ many Congresspersons said they did not want to vote for the bailout, since the feedback their offices were receiving were OVERWHELMINGLY against it. The media even spun the story that the Congress was weak and listening to their constituents just to make sure they were re-elected, somehow forgetting that the entire idea of Representatives is to make sure the people’s will is done and therefore automatically saving their seats. Now when they are voting for something they come forward and proclaim that they are doing the will of the American people, when the majority of Americans wouldn’t even have enough grasp on the situation to tell you who is fighting and why, much less who we should back.

Most evangelical Christians are being told in church that they must back Israel because they are God’s Chosen People so they back it already. Others might think they are up on current events and buy the media’s portrayal of Israel’s ‘self-defense’ cries. There are also folks on the opposite end of the spectrum that are all anti-Israel just because they are anti-semetic and want them to all die anyway. There is however a decent (and hopefully growing) number of people that investigate the news and read from ‘non-mainstream’ sources, including sources from outside the US State-Controlled media and realize that the U.S. making such broad claims of support and endorsment is only going to help fuel hatred towards U.S. interests worldwide.

It’s actions like these that ‘make them hate us.”  Not our freedoms, not our democracy, not even our malls…it’s pronouncements about the American Peoples’ Will that are uttered by treasonous dirtbags like Reid that inflames hatred towards America. That sentiment is NOT at all the American Will and our leaders have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER in trying to make sure that Israel’s Will is done. That is their problem, not ours at all.


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