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Please pay attention when watching televison

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So I am watching a few minutes of CBS Morning Show just now. Top story, the economy. The have the Chair of the FDIC in studio. When the anchor speaks her voice is synched to her lips. Every time the FDIC person talks, her audio is just a tiny bit behind her mouth. Well, it’s delay in their transmission right? No, notice I said in the studio. They even had a shot of them both at the same time. Anchor on target, reply to her still in the same shot, FDIC audio is delayed. It was completely obvious. My wife came in and I didn’t say anything to her and told her to pay attention. She said ‘the audio is off’ and then she noticed that it was just for the person they were interviewing. Guess the FDIC woman couldn’t be trusted to stick to the talking points or she isn’t high enough on the totem pole to know what’s really going on. Just insane.

Next story is about an 11 year old that shot and killed (allegedly but “come on you know he did it” tone) his father’s girlfriend (who incidentally looks just a few years older than the 11 year old but nothing is being said about that being creepy or anything.) He is supposed to have shot her with a junior model shotgun he received from his father at Christmas. The story is all about the victims totally insane screaming mother (I cannot fathom the depths of pain from losing a’s unthinkable, but this lady comes off like a freight train of trailer trash crazy) and of course the evil gun shop that sells ‘guns for children!’ Exactly the thing you would expect now that the Dems are running the show again. (Yes, I know neither side runs things, it’s the all the same team but superficially for the national dialogue the media produces these narratives based on current favor) It is a total we gotta outlaw guns piece through and through. Totally emotional and totally lacking asking the real questions. This 11 year old, who had threatened the life of this girlfriend, received a gun for Christmas. Why isn’t the question ‘Why the hell would you buy someone who is making death threats a gun for Christmas?!?!’ What kind of retard does that? I guess maybe the same retard that has an 11 year old son and is banging a 17 year old girl. Perhaps the father was tired of the girl and knew this was a way to get rid of her and it would be ok since the son was so young, he wouldn’t get in trouble? It’s obvious the people involved don’t have too many brain cells to run together so this does sound plausible.

Yes, some folks really aren’t smart enough to be trusted with firearms, BUT we cannot bar everyone from having them due to the lowest common denominator. If that were the case, we should ban cars, and booze, and cigarettes, and toasters and gasoline and fireworks and so on. We cannot make America retard proof. In fact, if anything, guns might help weed out some of the weak genetic stock!

Pay attention to the details when watching any media. Look for the ways they use emotional techniques. They are trying to shape your mind, tell you what to believe. Wake up and pay attention! Do not be swayed by their loaded questions, their images of insanity. Television should be interactive. Use your brain when processing what they are giving you, do not just let it’s hypnotic waves wash over you and let the information in without running it through the filter of common sense and critical judgment.

p.s.  The weak genetic stock is just a joke. Don’t get all riled up about it. I certainly believe in letting everyone live their own lives MUCH more than our rulers do.


Lobbyists? How about Dual Citizens?

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Obama has made big public announcements that ‘no lobbyists will have positions on my staff’ and of course already broken that … but no  one has said anything at all about dual citizens. Of course, it’s not a new thing and it’s certainly not just Obama that is doing this highly treasonous business.
Many in places of high importance, in government and quasi-government (The Fed for example) are dual citizens. The biggest number seem to be Israeli-dual citizens. Here are some of the more recent examples of dual citizens (some from this administration, most from last etc…)

Paul Wolfowitz
Michael Mukasey
Richard Perle
Michael Chertoff
Douglas Feith (this guy had to leave due to being investigated for giving intel to Israel)
Henry Kissinger
Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Ari Fleischer
John Bolton
Rahm Emanuel

and this list is minscule. There are dozens of ambassadors to other countries, various lesser (but still highly important and powerful) positions. All with dual Israeli citizenship.

But they are our friends! Why shouldn’t we trust them?

Did you know that Israel has a law that says no dual citizen can hold office in it’s Congress (the Knesset.) They seem to have a grasp on it there…

It’s really very simple. If someone is supposed to serve their country in a public servant role, like these listed here, don’t  you think that they should be 100% American? Just whose interests are they serving? Do you think they don’t make decisions based on BOTH their citizenships?

Just ask someone involved on the USS Liberty about this.   Just make sure you are out of arms reach if you think its ok.

*I know I only have one ‘new’ guy on there, but I assure you with a little more digging, I can have an equally if not longer list of current offenders. My point here is the sheer amount of ‘infiltration’ being allowed.

I hate to say we told you so…

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But we told you so. In the knee-jerk backlash against 8 years of outright tyrannical rule, people voted in the opposite party despite his being little known. You might notice that now in power, Obama has not really stemmed the tide in runaway Presidential power, he just has people saying that he is right. People scream for state health care, in large part due to the complete unchecked power given to the Pharmo-Medical Industrial Complex.

If you have been listening to people , awake people that is, you already know that it doesn’t matter what side of the aisle our leaders are from, the end game is the same. Total control. Case in point, the health care provisions in the stimulus package. Here is a story from Bloomburg that covers it.

All medical procedures will be run through a board of overseers, non-elected overseers so theres not even a premise of accountability, and will be judged partly on ‘cost-effectiveness.’ You need a liver? Nah, you are too old to waste a liver on. Need some surgery? No, your job skills are not useful enough.

Welcome to Logan’s Run. And remember, you asked for this…

if you want to learn more, google these terms:

Nixon and HMO Act of 1973
Population Control
Club of Rome
Dr. Eric R. Pianka
“The Implications of World-wide Population Growth on the Security and External Interests of the United States”.

Best PSA Ever

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Remember kids, people who smoke pot never accomplish anything.


Oh wait…