Lobbyists? How about Dual Citizens?

Obama has made big public announcements that ‘no lobbyists will have positions on my staff’ and of course already broken that … but no  one has said anything at all about dual citizens. Of course, it’s not a new thing and it’s certainly not just Obama that is doing this highly treasonous business.
Many in places of high importance, in government and quasi-government (The Fed for example) are dual citizens. The biggest number seem to be Israeli-dual citizens. Here are some of the more recent examples of dual citizens (some from this administration, most from last etc…)

Paul Wolfowitz
Michael Mukasey
Richard Perle
Michael Chertoff
Douglas Feith (this guy had to leave due to being investigated for giving intel to Israel)
Henry Kissinger
Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Ari Fleischer
John Bolton
Rahm Emanuel

and this list is minscule. There are dozens of ambassadors to other countries, various lesser (but still highly important and powerful) positions. All with dual Israeli citizenship.

But they are our friends! Why shouldn’t we trust them?

Did you know that Israel has a law that says no dual citizen can hold office in it’s Congress (the Knesset.) They seem to have a grasp on it there…

It’s really very simple. If someone is supposed to serve their country in a public servant role, like these listed here, don’t  you think that they should be 100% American? Just whose interests are they serving? Do you think they don’t make decisions based on BOTH their citizenships?

Just ask someone involved on the USS Liberty about this.   Just make sure you are out of arms reach if you think its ok.

*I know I only have one ‘new’ guy on there, but I assure you with a little more digging, I can have an equally if not longer list of current offenders. My point here is the sheer amount of ‘infiltration’ being allowed.

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  1. […] This is not a partisan thing, both parties have loads of dual citizen members involved with them. I have pointed some of these out before and again I ask the question of why do we allow (and even seem to encourage) this while most other […]

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