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Where is the outrage?

Posted in economy, Media, Politics, Uncategorized on March 31, 2009 by jonnyfrag

For the past several weeks, the mainstream media has been chanting a refrain in reference to the ongoing bailout situation. ‘The public outrage’ is being hammered on again and again, but where is the outrage really? Have you personally seen outrage? Sure, everyone bitches about it, but outrage?

Here is a great article from Rolling Stone that explains how just one guy in one company added so much to the global problem. Seriously, if you’ve not read it, please do. It does a good job with explaining how convoluted and shady the kinds of things that got us here really are in (mostly) plain English that those of us without finance degrees can understand. The article also tells you at how little the people that DO have decades of experience in the industry even know about how all this crap works.

After reading that article, how is it possible that this guy got paid an additional $12 million AFTER being discovered as totally crooked guy? Why is this guy not been publicly executed? Why hasn’t good ole Madoff been drawn and quartered? It seems that if you are affluent corporate crook, with the ability to steal literally billions you are protected by our sensible Constitutional rights, but if you are a babysitter that sits in on a completely legal proceeding that happens to end up finding against a judge, you are imprisoned for 2 years by a grandstanding Attorney General running for Governor. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read up on the Missouri 15. Here’s a good starting point. Or if you are a goat farmer that gets caught up in a raid, you are swept away to rot in Gitmo with no due process.  There is no end to examples of innocent (or at least untried) people being killed, jailed or dissapeared for trivial reasons.

The very people now charged with fixing our economy, which is at least being admitted to as being horribly broken now, are the exact same people that got us here. It’s just plain fact. Former Fed bigwigs, Goldman Sachs elites and so on. It’s obvious, not hidden and totally transparent. It’s a complete robbery and indeed the public should be outraged. Like million man marches with pitchforks and torches outraged. But the problem is that the system they have setup over the past 100 years worked very very well. The public is stupid and only worried about who is voted off American Idol or irresponsible people’s overactive uteruses. Uteri?