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Bow to the Almighty Swine Flu!

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But pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.

You can’t escape it. Every where you turn, someone is telling you to be very scared of the swine flu. Mainstream media is sending ‘restrained but urgent sounding’ updates on this possible pandemic. Alternative media (ok Alex Jones) is covering all bases by saying that it’s all over hyped fearmongering and literally within seconds telling you that it likely has a 90% kill rate and is the beginning of the end. 70% of everyone in Mexico has it and hundreds and hundreds are dead, complete with Mexican callers delivering on the spot reporting (incidentally sounding extremely American with perfect English and no accent.)

The Mainstream media is talking about the last swine flu scare of 1976 where 1 died on a military base. Some even go as far as telling again about the 45 million American’s who lined up for the vaccination during that scare. No main stream media is reporting on the dozens of deaths and hundreds of cripplings directly from those vaccinations and the public backlash of that failed program. (Why aren’t people still talking about this all the time anyway?)

The very same people (Baxter) that stand to make a killing on the surely forthcoming vaccine are the same ones that were recently busted for trying to include the avian flu into vaccines in order to use it as a vector. No, I’m not putting links, go Google for yourself.

I think this whole thing is an attempt to get folks to line up and beg to be (at best) experimented on and at worst outright killed. After the entire enterprise of vaccinations was being eroded by a little actual truth about autism being talked about , largely due to the fact that people paid attention because it was happening to a beautiful celebrity, the response is coming now.

Grey’s Anatomy even had a show recently that brought those autism concerns up, but of course the moral to the story is that the pretty doctors on the show said vaccinations are good so they must be ok! Within a week or so of that show I noticed at least one other prime time show running a similar theme reinforcing the goodness of vaccines. It was also at this time that I was taking CERT classes for my employer and of course the local health department came in to make sure we had all the vaccinations we would want. I also shouldn’t hesitate that during a tour of our new state of the art 911 center I asked which screens the camera feeds from the lights were fed to and was flatly lied to by those giving the tour. Low level firefighters grinned and lied to my face saying they were ‘just sensors’ to trigger the lights. You know, the ones that are white with black camera lenses and cables leading off them. The very same ones that I took pictures of in Marshall Texas on a recent trip that actually said ‘Camera enforced traffic’ right next to the exact same ‘sensors’ we have here. At least in that town they own up to it. Those who try to use the ‘your local level people are generally ok’ cop out are just wrong. These were guys living in our town, firefighters and retired guys teaching classes. They lied to our faces and grinned at each other as they did so. They think it’s so cool that they are in the club.

Bottom line is, don’t believe all you hear and do your own homework. Use multiple sources. Look at the arguments that directly oppose your ideas. Make sure you are right. Don’t line up for any shots before you know whats in them. Request thimersol free vaccines at the very least, especially for infants. Don’t buy the swine flu hype. I have been ill for about the past 2 weeks with crud and I have just come back from a visit to south Texas (hence the Marchall camera pics) and you know what? I don’t have swine flu! It’s just normal crud. Don’t get panicky. Do  your homework and use what little brain you have left!


Yes, how did she get her job?

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A new article on National asks the pertinent question of how increasingly insane sounding Janet Napolitano got her job.(J. Nappy for short,   You go Imus!)

Well, I will tell you why. Even before the inauguration I was talking about how dangerous a choice she was and it all stems back to the work that she did during the Oklahoma City bombing trial. She is about as  stalwart ‘domestic terrorism is our biggest dangers’ supporter as you can get. She was heavily involved in covering up the actual events of that day and carries the Democratic anti-gun banner proudly. As soon as the Democrats had control of the Congress again, school shootings started to go back up and the rhetoric of banning everything started to roll again in earnest. She helped that agenda then and now that there is a department set up to spy on and control and arrest Americans without those pesky Constitutional rights (thanks Bush crew!) she will have some awesome tools with which to achieve their goals. The same goals as the Bush administration had but at least the Bush regime sold it as being for foreign terrorists whereas the new folks will just not even pretend it’s anything but to use against American citizens. Don’t forget, the left-right debate is all a dog and pony show that means nothing. They have the same goals, just slightly different agendas of how to get there. It’s all for show and to make us believe we have a choice. How do you want to be subjugated? By fear or by request? Either way, you will be subjugated to the state and killed as necessary. If you disagreed with Bush or even wore an anti-Bush tee shirt you were branded an unpatriotic terrorist lover and if you disagree with Obama you are branded with being a Right-Wing extremist or crazy conspiracy nut. Oh, and you are subject to arrest with either.

J. Nappy, I’ve been onto you since before Day One.

Why aren’t we prosecuting George Bush?

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Take a look this archived interview with Bush given at the beginnings of the Iraq war.

Particularly this portion of it:

Q Iraqi TV has shown what appear to be American POWs, and also what appear to be American dead. Your reaction?

THE PRESIDENT: I expect them to be treated, the POWs I expect to be treated humanely. And — just like we’re treating the prisoners that we have captured humanely. If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals.

Except if they are Americans, then it’s fine.

No matter your party identity, how can you justify statements like this given what really happened?

Stop acting like the past 8 years didn’t happen Republicans. And Democrats as well. Nancy ‘impeachment is off the table’ Pelosi I am looking at  you.

The Smearing starts

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Here’s a link to Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s (from Illinois) comments on how the Tea Bagging protests are ‘shameful’ and ‘dispicable.’

I would like to thank all the GOP bandwagoneers that turned a legitimate public grievance into a partisan buzzword.


Rick Perry *Warning Will Robinson, Danger Danger!*

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Generally people that are about Liberty and Freedoms and the Constitution are also all about State’s Rights. Makes sense and yes indeed, State Rights are something that has been eroded HUGELY from how they were originally intended to work. Along the same lines as the whole teaparty thing, Rick Perry is out trying to increase his stock in the Conservative eye by being loud about state’s rights.

Rick Perry.

Think back just a little ways to the beginnings of the HPV vaccination. This injection, which studies show has caused SERIOUS (like LETHAL) side-effects for young girls that have taken it besides it’s being live cancer viruses, was originally championed in what state? Which governor made it a MANDATORY program in his state? What governor ended up having to pull that order because it was discovered that many of his staff were former employees of the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers that shot and that he had received a lot of campaign money from that company?

Oh yeah, Rick Perry.

And yet some well-meaning ‘awakened’ people will now be all about pushing Rick Perry for President because he backs State’s Rights and wants to weaken the Federal Government’s meddling in  his state (which he had no problem with when it was Bush in office.)

Don’t be fools people.

Tea Party Co-opted

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The general idea at the root of the ‘tea parties’ yesterday was supposed to be one of anti-income tax and a general return to the basic Constitutional ideas this county was founded on. Since (publicly) the Republican Party is in dire need of something, anything, to gain some footing with the people, it was co-opted into being a general anti-Obama protest by many.

Locally there were about 200 people that showed up at our teaparty and almost no one was speaking about taxes at all. David Limbaugh (yes, Rush’s brother) talked for about 20 minutes in an anti-Obama rant, then some one spoke about the 2nd Amendment, then another talked about Imminent Domain laws (or why the government can now just steal your land for private business if it ‘helps the local economy.’)

Many there were wondering why this entire affair had changed from a protest at the high and un-Constitutional income tax and became a recruiting tool for the GOP. Just a little while ago the same people that were all about talking at these events were decrying protests by many of the same ‘regular people’ when they were protesting the war or Bush’s insane policies. Now of course they are there embracing it and are all about their rights to express free speech. They even have the gall to be offended by charges by police and government officials that they are preaching dangerous speech, forgetting that people were beaten and arrested for doing stuff as dangerous as wearing Anti-Bush tee-shirts.

You GOP’ers had your chance to have a candidate that mostly lined up with your fiscal concerns and you demonized, slandered and marginalized that candidate. Ron Paul is who I am speaking of. Now of course, many of us that supported him during the primaries see that Dr. Paul is NOT the Revolutionary individual that we had pegged him as, he is dirty just like the rest of them, even if he is consistent and does publicly say some things that make sense. Funny how that you see that the war hawk image is out of favor and people are actually interested in freedoms and rights and now you try to use that after dismissing this approach as something akin to treason.

Those of us who are awake and see what is really going on (there, you can seize on this language to point out how tin-foil hatted I am) know that there is no difference in Democrats and Republicans, it’s all about the script they follow that is written by the elite of the elite, and that this is all side shows to keep everyone riled about something. It is just so transparently idiotic as to be laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous.

Remember when it was treason to speak ill of Bush and his Imperial policies? Now it is just the same except with Obama and his love fest policies. At the same time as the GOP co-opted what started as a (sort of) legitimate non-partisan cry for justice, the Democrats in power are issuing reports on how dangerous Right-Wing Extremists are.  Napalitano has just had a Homeland Security report put out that basically repeats the same line as the infamous Missouri State Police Report, you know, the one that the governor had pulled from circulation and apologized for? Instead of apologizing, Nap is just telling us to suck it.

I told you she was going to be a pain in the ass. She was involved in the whole Oklahoma City investigation and prosecution so she fits in with the whole newly invigorated ‘get rid of all the guns and go after ‘homegrown terrorists’ agenda that the Dems have been working on since they regained the Congress. Interestingly enough I actually looked up the numbers and see that it’s not just media inflation on the whole school shooting things to help anti-gun agendas, the actual numbers of incidents rises when Dems are in power. The graph is low for Bush Sr, then high for the Clinton era, then bottoms out again when Bush Jr is in office and since the democrats took back control at the mid-terms it’s skyrocketed again. That raises serious questions for me about what actually spurs that. I think there is a Manchurian Candidate style program that is used to make these things happen to further political agendas. Or rather drive public opinion to allow political agendas to not only be applied but even asked for, even if it is totally against the public’s interest to do so.

Unless you wake up and realize that no one, NO ONE, in power is intrested in helping you and only want to utilize you (at best) or kill you (at worst) there will be no Revolution. Only partisan, gay tea parties.