Rick Perry *Warning Will Robinson, Danger Danger!*

Generally people that are about Liberty and Freedoms and the Constitution are also all about State’s Rights. Makes sense and yes indeed, State Rights are something that has been eroded HUGELY from how they were originally intended to work. Along the same lines as the whole teaparty thing, Rick Perry is out trying to increase his stock in the Conservative eye by being loud about state’s rights.

Rick Perry.

Think back just a little ways to the beginnings of the HPV vaccination. This injection, which studies show has caused SERIOUS (like LETHAL) side-effects for young girls that have taken it besides it’s being live cancer viruses, was originally championed in what state? Which governor made it a MANDATORY program in his state? What governor ended up having to pull that order because it was discovered that many of his staff were former employees of the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers that shot and that he had received a lot of campaign money from that company?

Oh yeah, Rick Perry.

And yet some well-meaning ‘awakened’ people will now be all about pushing Rick Perry for President because he backs State’s Rights and wants to weaken the Federal Government’s meddling in  his state (which he had no problem with when it was Bush in office.)

Don’t be fools people.


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