The Smearing starts

Here’s a link to Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s (from Illinois) comments on how the Tea Bagging protests are ‘shameful’ and ‘dispicable.’

I would like to thank all the GOP bandwagoneers that turned a legitimate public grievance into a partisan buzzword.


2 Responses to “The Smearing starts”

  1. Why are you complaining about the protesters; it’s one of the Liberals who’s lying about both them and Obama’s tax plans.

    Is it Americans’ fault that the Liberals and their media chose to attack, smear, and defame their actions in an attempt to marginalize them?

    • jonnyfrag Says:

      I am certainly not complaining about the protesters, I am complaining about the Republican’s co-opting the original plan behind these protests. By the way you use the word Liberal as a curse word, I can see that you seem to be a Ditto head so you are not going to see my point here at all. Back to drinking your Kool-Aid.
      It’s not the ‘Liberal’ media , it’s the State Run US media , the same one that gave Bush a totally free ride and cheerled for him for about the first 6 years of his regime.
      There is no left and right. Only control.

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