Yes, how did she get her job?

A new article on National asks the pertinent question of how increasingly insane sounding Janet Napolitano got her job.(J. Nappy for short,   You go Imus!)

Well, I will tell you why. Even before the inauguration I was talking about how dangerous a choice she was and it all stems back to the work that she did during the Oklahoma City bombing trial. She is about as  stalwart ‘domestic terrorism is our biggest dangers’ supporter as you can get. She was heavily involved in covering up the actual events of that day and carries the Democratic anti-gun banner proudly. As soon as the Democrats had control of the Congress again, school shootings started to go back up and the rhetoric of banning everything started to roll again in earnest. She helped that agenda then and now that there is a department set up to spy on and control and arrest Americans without those pesky Constitutional rights (thanks Bush crew!) she will have some awesome tools with which to achieve their goals. The same goals as the Bush administration had but at least the Bush regime sold it as being for foreign terrorists whereas the new folks will just not even pretend it’s anything but to use against American citizens. Don’t forget, the left-right debate is all a dog and pony show that means nothing. They have the same goals, just slightly different agendas of how to get there. It’s all for show and to make us believe we have a choice. How do you want to be subjugated? By fear or by request? Either way, you will be subjugated to the state and killed as necessary. If you disagreed with Bush or even wore an anti-Bush tee shirt you were branded an unpatriotic terrorist lover and if you disagree with Obama you are branded with being a Right-Wing extremist or crazy conspiracy nut. Oh, and you are subject to arrest with either.

J. Nappy, I’ve been onto you since before Day One.


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