Bow to the Almighty Swine Flu!

But pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.

You can’t escape it. Every where you turn, someone is telling you to be very scared of the swine flu. Mainstream media is sending ‘restrained but urgent sounding’ updates on this possible pandemic. Alternative media (ok Alex Jones) is covering all bases by saying that it’s all over hyped fearmongering and literally within seconds telling you that it likely has a 90% kill rate and is the beginning of the end. 70% of everyone in Mexico has it and hundreds and hundreds are dead, complete with Mexican callers delivering on the spot reporting (incidentally sounding extremely American with perfect English and no accent.)

The Mainstream media is talking about the last swine flu scare of 1976 where 1 died on a military base. Some even go as far as telling again about the 45 million American’s who lined up for the vaccination during that scare. No main stream media is reporting on the dozens of deaths and hundreds of cripplings directly from those vaccinations and the public backlash of that failed program. (Why aren’t people still talking about this all the time anyway?)

The very same people (Baxter) that stand to make a killing on the surely forthcoming vaccine are the same ones that were recently busted for trying to include the avian flu into vaccines in order to use it as a vector. No, I’m not putting links, go Google for yourself.

I think this whole thing is an attempt to get folks to line up and beg to be (at best) experimented on and at worst outright killed. After the entire enterprise of vaccinations was being eroded by a little actual truth about autism being talked about , largely due to the fact that people paid attention because it was happening to a beautiful celebrity, the response is coming now.

Grey’s Anatomy even had a show recently that brought those autism concerns up, but of course the moral to the story is that the pretty doctors on the show said vaccinations are good so they must be ok! Within a week or so of that show I noticed at least one other prime time show running a similar theme reinforcing the goodness of vaccines. It was also at this time that I was taking CERT classes for my employer and of course the local health department came in to make sure we had all the vaccinations we would want. I also shouldn’t hesitate that during a tour of our new state of the art 911 center I asked which screens the camera feeds from the lights were fed to and was flatly lied to by those giving the tour. Low level firefighters grinned and lied to my face saying they were ‘just sensors’ to trigger the lights. You know, the ones that are white with black camera lenses and cables leading off them. The very same ones that I took pictures of in Marshall Texas on a recent trip that actually said ‘Camera enforced traffic’ right next to the exact same ‘sensors’ we have here. At least in that town they own up to it. Those who try to use the ‘your local level people are generally ok’ cop out are just wrong. These were guys living in our town, firefighters and retired guys teaching classes. They lied to our faces and grinned at each other as they did so. They think it’s so cool that they are in the club.

Bottom line is, don’t believe all you hear and do your own homework. Use multiple sources. Look at the arguments that directly oppose your ideas. Make sure you are right. Don’t line up for any shots before you know whats in them. Request thimersol free vaccines at the very least, especially for infants. Don’t buy the swine flu hype. I have been ill for about the past 2 weeks with crud and I have just come back from a visit to south Texas (hence the Marchall camera pics) and you know what? I don’t have swine flu! It’s just normal crud. Don’t get panicky. Do  your homework and use what little brain you have left!

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