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Coming soon, Armed Boy Scouts

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NY times article describing the Explorer’s Program, an offshoot from Boy Scouts, running training drills for border patrol and anti-terror operations…with 14 year olds.

Really? Really!?!?

This one is just so outrageous I don’t think I have words for it.

This is a test bed for Obama’s mandatory Civilian Service program that we should see in the very near future.

Seriously people, WTF?

I think this excerpt kind of explains it all-

“Cathy Noriego, also 16, said she was attracted by the guns. The group uses compressed-air guns — known as airsoft guns, which fire tiny plastic pellets — in the training exercises, and sometimes they shoot real guns on a closed range.

“I like shooting them,” Cathy said. “I like the sound they make. It gets me excited.” ”

How is this not scary to you?

And this part is also particularly telling as well-

“There have been numerous cases over the last three decades in which police officers supervising Explorers have been charged, in civil and criminal cases, with sexually abusing them.Several years ago, two University of Nebraska criminal justice professors published a study that found at least a dozen cases of sexual abuse involving police officers over the last decade. Adult Explorer leaders are now required to take an online training program on sexual misconduct.”

Well thank Jebbus for that, they have to take an online sexual misconduct class. Problem solved! Yay!

I urge you, if you have children do not let them sign up for this. I mean really. Come on.


Swine Flu may have been man-made

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A report out from an Austrailian researcher is saying that the most simple answer for the origin of the swine flu pandemic (remember, what you were supposed to be terrified of a couple of weeks back?) is that it was a laboratory escape.

Since many of the ‘awakened crowd’ were saying all along that eventually this could be proven to be a calculated release this is a big deal. Of course the person saying this must be a lunatic right?

Oh wait, this guy has been at it for nearly 40 years at a high level, published hundreds of papers and even worked on making Tamiflu. So much for him being some crackpot.

But of course, the CDC are backpedaling and trying to say that his is not the only interpretation (and it isn’t) and that it might have developed naturally(it’s true.) Listen to other viral geneticists and they are saying the same thing though. The mix and vectoring of this virus points to a designer made virus, something that was likely to have been engineered while working on a vaccine. The official packpedal is soft: ‘we might not ever find out where it came from’ and they likely won’t. Nothing in science is ever 100%. Scientists who deal in absolutes are just good salesmen and lousy scientists. The fact remains that the best current explanation is that it was a man made strain and released, accidentally or purposely, into the ‘wild.’ Notice that they do not rule this out, only point to other possible (and more convoluted) scenarios. It has happened before and it will happen again. It’s really hard to keep a genie in a bottle.  Keep in mind while you see this theory trotted out and then dismissed as total bunk in the mainstream that the people who are saying this are not at all tin foil hatted charlatans. The tin foil hats WILL be saying the same thing, but here, at the beginning of it in the MSM, it is respected experienced viral scientists. They will be rolled in with the loonies and it will all go die off quitely

…until the next release.

Soda tax? Whatta laugh

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So one of the ways being considered to pay for our glorious health care system (you know the one that doesn’t exist and probably won’t…thankfully) is to put an excise tax on ‘sugary soft drinks.’ This is being said to exclude diet sodas.

So sugary sodas are a sin worthy of a sin tax, but diet sodas are healthy? That is the implication given by this idea.

Addicted to full flavored sodas? Get ready to pay a surcharge. Everyone else can bombard their system with aspartame, Splenda and all the other ‘healthy’ sweeteners in soft drinks.

I suppose you could just drink water though. Nature’s healthy drink right? Oh…never mind. From fluoride to prescription drugs, our drinking water has been being poisoned for decades.

GMO foods, HFCS and so on. Food is being used as a weapon. Prices and chemical alterations help keep the population under control and poor. Ever wonder why the good food is so expensive? Why is the horrible crap that is irradiated and has loads of chemical treatments and processing so much cheaper from something that is perhaps picked, put in a box ans shipped to your store? Wouldn’t common sense tell you that the less you have to do to something, the cheaper it should be? Because the good food, the healthy stuff is being hoarded for the ‘more worthy.’ Take a look around at the famous people and rich folks you hear about. They always travel with personal chefs in tow and you don’t see them hanging out in Burger King grabbing a Whopper. Think of how much different the ‘real elites’ eat. You know, the ones you DON’T see. They eat well. Eating well these days pretty much just means not eating poison but they eat very very well. All organic, non-modified non-poisoned food. They certainly don’t want us ‘useless eaters’ eating anything healthy. Even at a glance, we are being exploited by trading our health for money. Eat cheaper, have more medical problems, buy more drugs….a nice cycle that makes the upper crust a ton of money. I put forth the idea that it’s not just to bilk us for everything we have, but also a way to thin the heard, which is a much-stated goal of the NWO. The money thing is easy to see and obvious even if someone has a hard time believing the fact that the top 1% want to kill 90% of us. Just enough left to keep them happy and serviced.

But remember, you were given a fake choice and you asked for this.

Change? Patriot Act Still Going…

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Ask an Obama supporter of how he’s doing so far and they will say ‘fantastic!’ One thing I hear about is the new transparency of government. Hang on….

<10 minutes pass>

Ok, I am done laughing now. For all the websites Obama puts up showing the progress of some environmental bill or whatever the Patriot Act is still live and going strong. The latest on this is a 16 year old being held under the Patriot Act powers . If Obama actually is running things (he isn’t) then one of the first things he should have done to further his ‘kinder, gentler government’ change agenda is get rid of the rights-deleting Patriot Act. Now even though it seems that in the case of this 16 year old that ‘normal’ un-constitutional powers of the courts are being used, the fact remains that anyone, yes ANYONE, can just be detained without charges, without warrant, without counsel and without communication for as long as desired.

I don’t see Obama saying a peep about this. None of the powers taken by the last regime have been handed back. Even the ‘radical’ ideas of pulling out of Iraq or closing Gitmo have been backpedaled. How long are you going to fool yourself with the ‘he’s just gotten there!’ or ‘it can’t all happen at once!’ rationalizations?  A year? An entire term of office?

Nothing is changing folks. The VAST majority of us are in the middle and we  continue to hand down via taxes to the poorest and the rest up to the greedy rich and carry the burden of the stress of keeping it all running all the time. We do need change. REAL CHANGE. Do I have the answer? Nope. The system has been very successful in brainwashing me into seeing the 2 false choices we are given and nothing else yet. One day I hope I see it even if I don’t know what it is yet.

Richest country in the world…

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And yet we still have millions with not enough to eat, no place to live, dying of simple diseases because of no health care and so on. The media and politicians (why do we ever say it like that…they are all the same!) only deal with extreme ends of this quandary. Either you must want to take money from the top and spread it around to everyone or decry the evils of taxing hard working successful people to feed lazy bums.

People do not seem to realize that it really is the top 1% that have a VAST majority of the wealth in this country (and really the world.) All the people who are zealots for protecting their money are the ones pulling in 100k or so a year. Sounds like good money to a lot of us, but really, those folks are toiling under a burden of debt and with one stroke of a cancer cell could just lose everything. Cancer is a very commonplace thing these days (thanks Polio vaccine! Maybe I will do another post on that sometime.) and the treatments for it, even with pretty good insurance, can eat through everything even a millionaire has in a year or two. Then as they scrape and try to get by, they see what it’s like for ‘the rest of us.’

There are valid points to both sides of this issue. No, of course it’s not fair to just do nothing but spit out babies and expect the government (using public tax dollars) to make sure they are fed. It’s also not fair for people with more money than they possibly spend to be able to dodge taxes just because they can pay folks that know how to work the system to avoid them. It’s not fair that hospitals charge even more for treatments to folks without insurance. It’s not fair for the insurance companies to be able to set prices for those hospitals because they have more insured. It’s not fair that we always say ‘the richest at the top are ones creating jobs’ when they are the ones shipping jobs overseas because it’s too expensive to pay Americans. It’s not fair that automobiles are all way too damn expensive because of greed of automakers and the greed of the autoworkers unions demanding more and more pay for their workers. It’s not fair that someone with no job and no desire to work gets hundreds of dollars a month to buy food ,receive free housing and free health care while someone making ‘just enough’ ends up scraping by (with the tons of stress) and is denied any help whatsoever. It’s not fair that someone that barely has enough money to buy something on credit ends up paying the highest interest rates and those that don’t need credit get the lowest rates. It’s not fair that those who worked hard for years to save up for retirement end up loosing everything because some even richer person gamed the system and ended up crashing it. It’s not fair that the government has us as de-facto slaves, paying a percentage of our pay at gunpoint (don’t pay taxes they come to arrest you eventually…and if you resist, the cops can shoot you) and that money is then handed out to help poor people in other countries or to rebuild roads we destroyed because our President wanted to prove he has a bigger dick than the other countries leader.

We need to stop dealing in the extremes and come up with a realistic compromise. With all this pendulum swinging we keep doing about every 8 years it’s eventually going to break. But also remember, that is really a lie. We are ruled by the REAL top 1% and we don’t really have a choice. They will allow us to think we have choices and continue to conduct their social experiments on us. ‘Let’s see if they will actually ask us for less freedom! Ha ha!’ The bottom 99% needs to wake up, welfare recipient and small business owner alike and realize we are all being exploited the same. We are the 99%! We can take it back! Stop fighting among yourselves and turn your energy to the men behind the curtain!